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OT - Chili Bowl Live!! + another Tony S gem

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  • OT - Chili Bowl Live!! + another Tony S gem

    The A-Main is coming up soon so tune in:


    Latest Tony Stewart gem over the Chili Bowl PA system upon winning his preliminary night feature: (paraphrased)

    "I don't know why you people waste your money on Winston Cup tickets, this is where it's at!"


    What do these guys have in common:

    Cory Kruseman, Tracy Hines , Jason Leffler, Dave Darland, Jerry Coons, Jr., Richard Griffin, Tony Elliott, A.J. Fike & J.J. Yeley?

    They all have qualified for tonights Chili Bowl A-main out of 180+ drivers and they all have tried to land rides in the IRL.

    They are racing a few other pretty good drivers tonight too like Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, Danny Lasoski who have other full time driving jobs.
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    Stewart wins, sounded like one helluva show, two and three wide the last 10 laps


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      ...on the interview afterwards:

      interviewer: "What do you carry from this back to Winston Cup?" (slightly paraphrased)

      TS: "What's Winston Cup?"



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        Beat me to it Glenn! I was laughing out loud. TS is the man!


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          btw, when can I SEE this event. I know someone mentioned the broadcast but I forget when.


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            Sat the 19th of Jan I think I read
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              I've heard the broadcast will be next Sunday on ESPN2. Better get the VCR's ready!


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                Unbelievably exciting race! Can’t wait to see it.

                Do you think we could get the announcers for the IRL? They really communicated the excitement of the event.
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                  Originally posted by IRL FANatic:
                  <STRONG>I've heard the broadcast will be next Sunday on ESPN2. Better get the VCR's ready!</STRONG>
                  The Chili Bowl will air from 8pm(eastern) to 10pm(est) on espn2 next Saturday!
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                    Best racing news of this year!

                    What a pleasure to read/hear about! The Super Bowl of Midget racing! The talent spread throughout the field the best dirt drivers in the country!

                    All those who continually opine about the differences between "formula" drivers and short trackers reaching Indy car racing need only pay attention to what Tony Stewart says (paraphrasing): "No politics, no complaining, just show up and race".

                    These drivers just want to race - they don't give a darn about the politics, they don't desire to "polish" their "image" to suit whatever sponsor decides to tag their name to a car for whatever period of time - to them, "Shut up and drive" is lifeblood's reality. It's other people's jobs to sate the situations arising outside of the cockpit - or least, it should be.

                    These boys could very well be the very last of the breed of drivers that established Indy car racing's traditional history. Faced with "changing" to what so many (even on this forum) claim is neccessary to reach the Indy car level today, their response is simply, "No thanks - I'm having too much fun racing."

                    Tony George will ultimately, sooner or later, face the decision - is it in the best interest of the sport to fully utilize the pure talent of America's most "racing" drivers or does the sport continue to submissively bow to the greed of business politics?

                    The 2001 Chili Bowl field dripped American driving talent - it is a complete shame that the balance of this field will never race at Indianapolis. Because they just want to drive and nothing else...that used to be what the heart of the sport was all about.

                    Congratulations to Critter Malone for sticking with his natural dream and recording another outstanding finish! The son of Shim Malone - who perished in the 1978 USAC plane crash - and the quasi-adopted son of CART and USAC ex-president and racer extradonnaire Johnny "The Golden Greek" Capels, Critter drives on knowing that his heart will almost certainly never get the chance of beating as he's flying down the straight and through the turns of Indianapolis. Still, denied his rightful (earned with pure talent) chance, Critter keeps racing because he just loves to...

                    Also - a great showing by the SCRA boys! They did their ancestors - the CRA (at one time an incubator for Indianapolis 500 competitors) - proud! Kruseman, Griffin, Rutherford are names that should register in lineups of the 500. Alas, it is the sport's, and America's, misfortune that they will probably never be afforded the opportunity because they don't do what's neccessary (other people's views compared to "formula" drivers)...

                    Dear Tony George - this is one Indy car fan that, today, is much, much more interested in what happened at the Chili Bowl than I am in future Indianapolis 500s...


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