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OT - doggy update

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  • OT - doggy update

    my dog is now living in north carolina with a breeder who has a large property and an excellent reputation.

    he will be there for a while, until he gets used to , ah , not being here anymore.

    he will then hopefully be placed with an older couple without dumb little _____s
    running thru their backyard. they have someone in mind already I here.

    and on the way home, we put a deposit on a new pup. an australian shepherd. a much calmer temperament than the one I had.

    thanks guys.
    It's a brand new day.

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    I am glad to hear things worked out OK for you and your little buddy but it's still sad for both of you. Are you doing OK?

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      I know I shouldnt,,,,,,

      Changed my mind, I'll behave. Just couldnt not think of Defender when reading sent to a breeding farm. You all can fill in the mental picture.
      "OWRS did not return phone calls."


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        ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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          I'd STILL be tempted to utilize the legal system to extract a great deal of money from the kid's family who trespassed to begin with. Or at least place a call to social services with a few broad hints.

          You just don't mess with a man's wife OR dog.

          You're a bigger man than I if you can let it go.

          I am extremely glad, however, that the situation now is a lot better than it could be for the dog; i.e., lethal doggy injection.

          Enjoy your new best friend. They're cool dogs as well.
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            glad to hear the dog is okay. Still, a 10 yr old jerk,er, I mean kid should know better than to tresspass and then to mess with a large dog. Or even a small dog. Their bites hurt worse than a large dog anyway. I hope you and your new puppy have a great time together. As for the kid. I hope he never comes to Indiana.

            I want chicken I want liver meow mix meow mix please deliver


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              Originally posted by nitrofan:
              <STRONG>... we put a deposit on a new pup. an australian shepherd. ....</STRONG>
              Hey, these guys are really cute... Aussies, click here

              [ January 13, 2002: Message edited by: cps ]
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                thank you all very very much.

                keep in mind that this wasn't the only reason my buddy was moved. he is a very big very energetic shepherd and really was too big for my wife to handle , and since he was in my llfe first, he figured he was #2 and she was #3.

                he really was always MY dog and not a family dog.

                if there had never been issues with him around here this wouldn't have been enough reason for hiim to go.

                we would have fought them **** the torpedoes.

                and when we get our new pup next week,
                that kid ain't getting near him.

                thanks again guys.

                I 'll be camping at koa in miami for the race. I think they allow dogs so come bby and meet my new pal!
                It's a brand new day.


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                  and thanks for the link. as much as I use the net I had already been there. the akc.org site has a cute little video of the aussies too.

                  see the aussie is a lot like the belgian just smaller. smart , energetic herding dog. my favorite
                  It's a brand new day.


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                    It's a brand new day.


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                      I know , I can't shut up bout this. I had my big guy home for a couple days , first time I took him out the side door of the garage, who's walking up from the creek next door, 2 kids. yep one of em was him. the other kid goes ;ohhh noooo.

                      oh no is right ya little twerp now get lost!

                      nah that's not what I said.

                      I think the next time I see em down there I'll call the county though.

                      it's protected wetlands next to our house.
                      now there's a trespassing charge.
                      It's a brand new day.


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