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What they did to get Buddy Lazier in the race

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  • What they did to get Buddy Lazier in the race

    Stopped by the Hemelgarn racing garage Tuesday morning and spoke with Ronnie Dawes about what the crew did to get Buddy in the 500. Click the link to watch the video.

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    that's something that Buddy can get in that car & run around with negative wing after a year off and almost no practice laps :up:


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      Nice sweater Ronnie is wearing!!
      How come nobodies asked about Art Sugai's car?
      Probably can't recognize the driver! Rick Mears


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        Wow, straight from the horse's mouth. I'd want him on my crew.

        Nice job Dave. You do a great job!


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          Great Job! Super great to see Buddy in the field. I hope he does well in the race!


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            I've got video of them doing it, I could share it if I could just find out how to convert my proprietary Hitachi dvd video format to a "regular" mpg file...
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              Thanks, King.

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                thank you for posting that link here mr. wilson.

                that was cool.


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                  to Buddy, Ronnie and the Hemelgarn crew, and to Dave Wilson for the behind the scenes.
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                    Great information. Thanks King!
                    Buddy Lazier was the best thing to happen to the IRL during it's first six years. He is an outstanding ambassador for our series and the Indy 500. Even though his team and car might not be close in refinement to to the top tier teams, I am certian that Buddy will drive a very competitive race come Sunday.
                    God speed!


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                      Great interview with Ronnie, Dave.

                      For this race fan from Cleveland, you are truly one of the voices of the Indianapolis 500.

                      It's a privilege to have the opportunity to participate with you on this IndyCar message board.


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                        Thanks, these kind of posts is why I love this forum!


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                          So really, it was easy. Just lay the rear wing down. Dial out some front wing to balance the car. Then hand it over to the bulldog from Vail, CO.

                          And to think I was worried he wouldn't make the race! :,,,,,:

                          "Practice time??!! We don't need no stinking practice time!!!
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                            Thanks, Dave!
                            Have a very blessed day!


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                              EXCELLENT video Dave, thanks!!!


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