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Some praise for ESPN

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  • Some praise for ESPN

    I'm not sure if anybody else has noticed, but ESPN has stepped up the TV ads for the 500. And we're not talking during the 12-3 hours, but from 5:00 on, and during primetime (during shows like PTI, SportsCenter, MLB games, and even NBA Playoff Games.) Although this is the same commercial used last year, I think it's a great commercial and brings out the traditions and related them to the everday person.

    ESPN/ABC takes a lot of heat here, but I give them a pat on the back for starting the ads now, and putting them in prime spots, rather than on the back burner.
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    It may be a start but you will have a hard time convincing many people on here to agree that they are making many right moves. IMHO
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      they had that commercial on during an nba playoffs game. even with the weather, this will be the best month since 1995. i pray for good raceday weather and some sun to get all these teams caught up a bit on their setups
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        Guess where else they're running 500 ads? The front page of Jayski.


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