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  • Sponsorship Observation

    Watched the qualifying draw. Interesting mix of drivers, owners, crewmembers. And, of course, Jenkins.

    Out of all the people drawing, only one team mentioned the sponsor of their cars. AGR. In a couple of other cases, Jenkins added a sponsor comment or two (ABC Supply, e.g.).

    Sarah Fisher is definitely scraping for sponsors. At the very least, she (and a lot of others) could have mentioned the few she has.

    There's a reason AGR has the sponsor roster it has. Not one individual reason, but a whole lot of small details that add up to one huge ROI for their partners.

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    btw: what's your coaching and consulting fee?
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      I'd venture to say that anyone actually watching the qualifying draw already knows who the teams' sponsors are.


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        ...IMO, the lack of mentioning the sponsors isn't new or isolated to just today. The television broadcast crew almost never mentions a cars sponsor, perhaps this has a bearing on sponsorship opportunities for teams and the series as a whole?!
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          But OTOH perhaps the AGR way is the right way.

          Seems to pay great dividends for both sides.
          Dale Manus


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