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    TK had a fist attempt at a video blog on Indycar.com. Interesting. Tony wants us to say good things about it, and since I think TK is great and is one of the very best drivers of the IRL era, I'm going to plug it right here because TK is feeling left out and he deserves some publicity.

    One thing about Tony is that I beleive he has more representation by merchandise at Indy in May than almost any other driver. I also feel he may be the favorite driver of most males in the 25-35 age range.

    Go watch Tony's blog and listen to him talk about his leaky pool !

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    Apparently they are going to have 3 trailers of just Danica stuff. How boring.

    Great blog though!


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      It was a good blog. I hope TK can keep it going. Maybe bring in some of the other drivers that we don't see as much to share stories as well. Looking forward to more!


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        Good stuff. Go to the indycar website, multimedia tab, then click on video. Right now, its the second one on the list. Funny early comment...he wants to get Mutoh an American girlfriend to help him learn english.


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