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Live video streaming of Motegi

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  • Live video streaming of Motegi

    Allright.. I realize that things don't always go as planned.

    But last night's lack of video streaming was a big dropped ball by the IRL. Its bad enough that we have to run a race in Japan and see it tape delayed. Its bad enough that the contingency plans relegated the race a channel that not everyone could get. But then to tout "Watch it Live" and not be able to provide was very disappointing.

    I finally got the video to "work" at lap 185. If one defines work as buffering every few seconds, hanging up, and then about lap 195 locking up completely. Luckily the radio broadcast was delayed enough that I was able to get the stand alone audio broadcast back up after I had watched the checkers fall on the Timing and Scoring screen.

    I find it odd that the ICS goes to one of the most technologically advanced nations on the earth and always seems to have some sort of problem. The last couple or years the picture quality was absolutely horrendous, looking like the race was done in a washed out fog. This year the live video connection is the only outlet for some of the fans to catch the race and it fails.

    It just seems that a Top notch, professional organization shouldn't have these problems. And this latest one was on top of the Race Control problems that triggered rebates after Homestead.

    Ironic that the one thing the ICS marketing department has been waiting for with bated breath, namely a Danica win, happens at a race that was very difficult to nearly impossible to watch.

    I will say that some of the very best of the weekend was the live video from practice with Step33 doing the commentary. Maybe the ICS should hire him for these duties at every race.

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    Do you know that the video out of Mexico for ESPN was out for a while today. It seems like "Stuff Happens" at times - I am thrilled they did find a time to replay it on an ESPN channel I actually could watch.
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