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SPOILER ALERT! No really, open this thread, it's okay.

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  • SPOILER ALERT! No really, open this thread, it's okay.

    This is going to be a complicated weekend for IndyCar fans, what with there being 2 tape delayed races to watch. Personally, I'm going to watch Motegi live tonight, assuming it isn't rained out. On Sunday I will just avoid TrackForum until I have watch the delayed LB telecast.

    There will likely be some though that fail to realize that one or both races is delayed. What should be the official TrackForum procedure going into this weeked?

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    For tonight, I will tape the Motegi race. But, I will watch it after I do my daily routine. From Midnight till later in the morning I enter sweepstakes. When I am done with that, I plan to watch the race a few hours delayed. Like you, hope no rain.


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      Originally posted by NoviVespa
      Like you, hope no rain.

      Ditto on that! Else all of our VCRs/DVRs will tape part of a race...
      At least we have a second chance at it though.


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        Kind of a neat weekend, but I will be glad when all our guys and gals are racing at the same venue!!!!! :tg :kk
        Is it May yet?
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