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So what are our United ICS strengths?

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  • So what are our United ICS strengths?

    So what are our ICS strengths? In business, I have always been the most successful building on strengths versus trying to improve weaknesses. Part of moving on for us all is that we need to get that game plan. That being said, I will list a couple of my ideas and hope you will too;

    Cars..our cars (even the Dallara/Honda) looks better, sounds better that the current competition

    Racing..our oval racing is exceptional, turning right and left can get boring, like watching soccer, one score a game is too boring for most Americans (imho) that’s why I liked push to pass

    History..some people are into it, some aren’t, but it certainly can help build value, and tradition

    AJ Foyt… although it is limited in the owner role, here is a guy in OW that even the fender guys respect. I know the speedway sent out these cool AJ dvds one year, so they must see something there too. He is an American that a lot of Americans can relate too, especially in the south

    Any other ideas?
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    I think that its good to have a couple of women in a male dominated sport, dont forget that angle.
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      The drivers. There are some great personalities in the ICS. Helio is of course DWTS champ. they need to use him to get some people to the track or tuned in on the TV that normally would not watch. Danica is another name that people know. We have a lot of good people in the series that people would root for if they would market them a little better. My wife is a huge TK fan just because she thinks he is a great guy.
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        That is one I missed, thanks. Diverse drivers used to be a big advantage. But now with them in the fender cars too, it isn't as much except for the ladies....how did I forget them????:,,,,,:
        "I would like to be able to admire a person's opinions as I would their dog - without being expected to take it home with me." ---- Frank A. Clark


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          -Car count.
          -sponsors and fans don't get confused.

          That's all the IRL wanted out of a consolidation.


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            The drivers - it can't be said enough, market the heck out of them. There are enough stories in there that it shouldn't be that hard.

            Car count/competition - there are finally enough cars to put on a better show. It's only going to help.

            The schedule - one thing that really made the sport great, and that's finally starting to return, is the schedule diversity. A 50/50 split would be ideal. It's a great selling point on why the best drivers are special. You can be a one trick pony and have some success, but to earn the title of champion you have to conquer the high banks, you have to master the bullrings, you have to tame the classic roads, and you have to defeat the concrete canyons. In order to be a champion you have to truly earn it.

            History - as mentioned before, there's so much heritage out there, use it. And use all of it. The Speedway has a nasty habit of promoting an extreme Indycentric version of the sport's history, to the detriment of every other event. There's a whole lot of history out there, don't be afraid to embrace it all.

            I'm sure there's more, but that's what came off the top of my head.


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              Do not forget this one...The Indy 500!!!


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                Although it may not be exactly what we envisioned, I believe our relationship and agreements with ESPN/ABC are a big positive. As we move forward, a solid TV contract will be huge, and the more and more interest we get on SportsCenter the better.

                Hopefully as we grow, ESPN will take notice and start adding dedicated IndyCar Shows, or at least change NASCAR Now to an RPM2Night style show. It still has a long way to go to get it where we want it, but the fact that we have good relationships with these networks will be a big positive when we go looking for more TV exposure.
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                  THE INDY 500!

                  Paul Newman
                  Dave Letterman
                  Patrick Dempsey

                  These venues now on one schedule;
                  Long Beach
                  Watkins Glen
                  Sears Point
                  St. Petersburg
                  Surfers Paradise

                  famous racing names in ICS;

                  famous drivers;

                  the man in expensive shoes


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                    A racing tradition of nearly a 100 years of speed, close competitive racing, IMS and the crown jewel of all motor sports the Indy 500, an international series grounded in American roots, a series focused on racers and racing and not geared to entertain those on the low end of the gene pool, and did I say, the Indy 500?
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                      Strength in numbers.

                      Oh wait...


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                        Strengths - Indy 500, Foyt, Helio

                        Weaknesses - everything else
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                          Additional strengths by being united - Less confusion in the marketplace and from a historical perspective.
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                            Originally posted by numrounofan
                            That is one of the biggest things working AGAINST the ICS.
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                              Originally posted by MichaelP
                              That is one of the biggest things working AGAINST the ICS.

                              well, now they're working against NASCAR as well..........
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