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What does Chris Pook think of all this?

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  • What does Chris Pook think of all this?

    Always been a fan of his - I love that he calls Bernie Eccelstone "Berrrrnerd" LOL!

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    What does Chris Pook think of all this?

    My 3 year old daughter loves Whinnie the Pook.
    "George Bignotti's Sinmast Wildcat (Designed by Bob Riley); delicately built, carefully prepared and boldly driven by Gordon Johncock." -- Keith Jackson


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      I would say not much. He helped bankrupt the first C^RT.
      "I believe my work and contributions are done here." ...drop the flag railbird.

      Actually a member since 01.


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        I think that without a serious tie to Indy, any open wheel series is doomed to bankruptcy. It has happened twice now.
        Carey in Manvel


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          Originally posted by racer1977
          Always been a fan of his - I love that he calls Bernie Eccelstone "Berrrrnerd" LOL!
          I love that Bernie calls him, "and you are??"

          Pook's tenure as CART CEO only affirmed the Peter Principle.

          Edit - favorite Chris Pook true story:
          ...So the room goes quiet as CART major-domo Chris Pook grabs a mike to announce the race series’ new name.
          It is... it is...
          “Bridgestone presents the Indycar World Series Powered by Ford.”
          At which point someone leans over and whispers in Pook’s ear, “Chris, we think you mean ‘Bridgestone presents the Champcar World Series Powered by Ford,’ don’t you?” To which Pook, who has been practicing this new name for a long time — not to mention working to make it happen for a long time — buries his head in the mike at the gaffe...
          "Had every Athenian citizen been a Socrates, every Athenian assembly would still have been a mob." - Federalist 55
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            What does he think?

            "These guys are spending mad money? Ha! I whizzed away $130 mil in one year! It was stockholder's money, not mine tho...."

            So long Chris...don't come back.
            I live my life 4.048 miles at a time.


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              his opinion doesn't matter anymore...nor is it respected!


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                Have a very blessed day!


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                  I am kind of torn on Pook. As a former stockholder in CART, I lost money due to some of his actions. At the time, I was angry with Pook.

                  But as I have looked back on the situation, he did the best he could with the circumstances that exisited. I am not sure anyone else could have done any better.

                  As for pissing away the shareholders money, one forgets that the shareholders were informed of what was going on. If he had not spent the money the series dies earlier. From a shareholder standpoint, he was trying to keep the business going. Hindsight being 20-20, yes, it could have saved money to let it go, but that did not further the stockholders interest either.

                  Pook did some good things, did some things poorly, and gets a lot of blame. But as I look back, I am more forgiving of him than I was 4-5 years ago.

                  And I suspect he is glad that it is back under one roof again.
                  After years of fighting and a split, guess what, we are all IndyCar

                  October will always be a sad racing month for me. RIP Greg and Dan. You both were great and we miss you.


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