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  • favorite livery?

    What is your favorite livery/pait sceme that you can remember from any era of Indy racing? Mine would have to be either of Danny Sullivans Miller cars. The red and white Miller american car from the mid 80's, or the gold and White Miller High Life car that he had in 88 and 89 I really liked that one. Of course I also loved the yellow and orange Glidden cars that Menard had in the 90's. What are your favorites?

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    Two of my favorite paint jobs were on cars driven by drivers I didn't much care for:

    Dario Franchitti 2007

    Jimmy Vasser c. 2002

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      For me, nothing beats the Johnny Lightning Specials.
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        1974 Johnny Rutherford McLaren

        Any Sugaripe Prune Special

        The early IRL Reebok cars...

        All favs......

        But favorite Favs?

        A Spike Gehlhausen "Spirit of Indiana"
        A 1976 "Dayton Walther Special"
        A 1990-ish Granatelli Day-Glo Orange car.
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                Originally posted by NDPanther
                This is my favorite as well
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                  The pearlesent white of Parnelli Jones' winning car.


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                    Dennis Vitolo 1999

                    Dark Blue car with baby blue thin line squares at the season ending race in Fontana, CA. That was sweet. Reynard/Ford XB.


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                      i always liked the pearl white power team number 14 indy winner kenny brack

                      and the reebok cars from early irl i really loved those orange cars


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                        Mears '84


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                          There are a lot, but most recent favorite was the black and orange Panther car (with the right sponsor logos it could have been one of the greats). Tomas' texas platnum winner with Panther was pretty as well.

                          It is also kind of hard to get any of the Copenhagen Foyt cars out of my memory, as I loved Foyt and love black indycars. Danica's car is pretty nice as well.


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                            One of my favorites, which I will have to agree with meirafan on this one, is TS' Pennzoil Platinum car. I am fortunate enough to have a diecast of that car with his signature and the notation of his Texas win that he just so happened to scrawl on there in black Sharpie.

                            Another favorite was that of Dixon's Energizer Lithium black/blue scheme. That one really packed a punch.


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                              Yep - TS Platinum Machine was cool, but also Townsend Bell's Rock and Republic car at Indy a few years back...


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