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To Commander Hate (aka Robin Miller)

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  • To Commander Hate (aka Robin Miller)

    I might be the only one but...in light of current events and his reversal from critic to supportive correspondent, well the glint in his eye and word selection demonstrates a genuine fan indeed resides within Commander Hate.

    Would Speed Channel break in to report on the merger without Robin Miller? Probably not.

    Robin I'm sorry for all the unfounded accusations and just plain mean things I've said...


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    Very appropriate and timely, I think.

    People are rarely as bad as you think or as good as they think. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, between the extremes...


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      Oh c'mon. He volunteered to be Dave's Nascar stooge if this thing didn't go off.

      He's probably the most grateful guy on earth right now.


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        I am one of very few but i have always liked and trusted Robin.

        :tg :kk


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          Like I told you...
          What I said....

          Doesn't really appy to the topic at hand, but ever since you registered here, I've wanted to get a "He's Gone" reference in...(insert Uncle Sam skeleton smiley here)
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            I used to hate RM, but as the split progressed I came to see his point of view. Now, I respect him for telling it like it is....IMO he is one of the last few true journalists left that won't pull punches, unlike the stooges at NASCAR
            "We named the dog Indiana"


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              ...I respect all the hard work & effort he's put into merging the two series. I also respect that he's met with TG and more-or-less 'buried the hatchett' and decided to look forward instead of backwards.

              It'll be kinda nice that we're all 'more-or-less' on the same page again. That's not to say a month from now I won't be irritated by an article he's written though. Heck, he's been able to do that pretty regularly long before the split ever happened.
              ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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                When ya take Robin with a grain of salt, he's a bit more palatable.
                "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."

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                  My opinion of Robin hasn't changed at all, but I like him more now.

                  To clarify, I still think he's completely unprofessional in his approach but it won't hurt the sport to have a cheerleader.


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                    1)Robin is a survivor...........................

                    2)He goes where the money is................

                    3)He's a shill..........................

                    4)When the money dries up he switches aligence..........

                    5) See # 2 above........

                    "Doc, just set them fingers sose I can hold the wheel"
                    James Hurtubise, June, 1964


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                      Regardless of what things he may have done in the past, Robin has been pretty cool the past year or so
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                        He always seemed so anti-IRL in my opinion, and he would probably admit that as well, but I will bury the hatchet with him and move on and give him another shot. aowzone is right, his tune changed over the last year. I will admit I still enjoyed reading his stuff even though I didn't agree with it most of the time.


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                          he was so obviously exited today

                          and so was I

                          it was great
                          "I wasn't going to finish 2nd today...2nd was not in the cards...I was either going to win or i was not going to finish at all..." Eddie Cheever-Victory Lane,Indianapolis Motor Speedway 1998


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                            Robin looked like a kid in a candy store during the news conference.

                            I think the REAL ROBIN MILLER has finally stood up. He loves AOW!


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                              Im glad everyone is embracing Robin.. I have told you all before, That he is a fan , a huge fan, that is why he is so pasonate. Way to Go Robin!!!!
                              By the way someone should add Robin to the smilies next to tg and kk!


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