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  • System question for iRacing

    So my son has convinced me that we should get a new gaming setup so we can get into iRacing. Been doing some reading, looking around at different systems and talking to different people I know that are into other gaming and I think I found a pretty good Black Friday.Weekend/Cyber Monday deal at WalMart online of all places. Any iRacers out there have an opinion?

    MSI GL63 - Read a lot of MSI being popular in the gaming world.

    Intel i7 9750H 2.6ghz - I'm an Intel over AMD guy from personal experience.

    32gb RAM - Only one I have found in this price range with 32gb, iRacing says 8 minimum so I was planning to get 16 but since this is within my price point you can never have too much RAM

    512gb SSD - Wanted Solid State for the speed on reboot and file access of core files. I can add an external drive for more storage as needed.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti - Video cards are the one thing there seems to really be a ton of variance on opinion. This is my one big worry., it seems like from what I can find this should have 6gb onboard RAM, iRacing requires 2gb so I think I am fine here.

    Was planning to run HDMI out put to a 60inch TV and we have Thrustmaster USB wheel and peddle setup with racing seat already. I know a lot of people use three screens but anyreason a single big TV isn't ok to start ?

    Is it May yet ?

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    Come a long way since this:



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      Does it have to be a laptop? I would think a gaming laptop would cost much more than a desktop, not last as long, isn't upgrade-able, won't support triple-screens or VR, etc.

      As for the hardware specs, I would think iRenting would be on par, or almost, with Assetto Corsa. AC is pretty GPU intensive, so the faster the graphics card, the better. That one should be fine.


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        I am building a new system myself just for this and I work in IT. I prefer to build my own system via purchasing components. My current i5-750 and Asus MB is still running strong 11 years later.

        Check out They have systems to buy there and Dell has Alienware gaming laptop on their site $750 off for $1400 that has some real good specs, but I think it’s a CyberMonday deal only. My son is getting Oculus for run iRacing for VR for Xmas. We current run a sim-seat and a Logitech 920 wheel, but my son is talking me into a Fanatec wheel.

        That 1660Ti is a little dated if you want to eventually run VR. MSI is a good brand. GPU and an SSD is the most important and an i7 is good. My son got an HP Omen gaming laptop for HS graduation that is VR capable with GwForce 2060 RTX card.
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          Thanks for the advice guys, I also hit up Reddit. We did go with the laptop above, arrived this week and taking it home tonight to set up for him and hit the track. I've built my own systems before and would have went that route but he wanted a laptop because he does some other gaming as well and wanted to be able to take it to a friends house and play as well. If it turns out that we get really hooked on the iRacing I might look to build a dedicated system but this should get us started.

          Any good tips on car and helmet painting ? I have as much fun doing that.

          Is it May yet ?


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