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Scott Goodyear Drinking Game

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  • Scott Goodyear Drinking Game

    I'm trying to come up with one for 2004. A li'l nip every time Scott:

    -...places the letter 'c' before the letter 's' in a word where that is not supposed to happen; e.g., 'eCspecially.'

    -...explains what 'push' is.

    -...explains what 'loose' is.

    -...explains 'marbles' or 'that gray area.'

    Which ones can you come up with? We can include Paul if you want.

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  • #2
    I can't drink that much.


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      -explains what a steering wheel is.

      For Paul, when ever he says "Whoa", which means you should be three sheets to the wind within 5 laps.
      It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


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        Easy now, gang. You will be sternly rebuked for this.
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          Sorry Defender, but I want to be conscious and watching the race at the end, not clinging to a spinning floor
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            - how about when Scott circles something obvious (like the steering wheel) with his little Etch-A-Sketch thingy?

            For Paul, everytime he says "While we were away", drink.

            I like this thread - it might be the only way I can survive the booth crew in 2004.


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              Take a drink when:

              Pronounces "about" by saying "aboot"

              Pronounces "been" by saying "being"

              Or in the alternative, the recovering alcoholic's version of the Goodyear drinking game:

              Only take a drink when the inflection of Goodyear's voice changes.


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                Don't forget to drink whenever Scott says, "Actually." If he says it twice in the same sentence, take an extra drink. (For example, you'd take three drinks if Scott said, "Actually, what the driver is doing is adjusting the weight jackers, this actually adjusts the weight of the car to shift more weight towards the front of the car.")

                An ABC drinking game would have to include this:
                If Jack Arute says the crowd is on their feet - drink
                If the director shows the crowd and they're actually standing - drink twice!


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                  Originally posted by jkg
                  Take a drink when:

                  Pronounces "about" by saying "aboot"

                  Pronounces "been" by saying "being"

                  ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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                    This is a joke, this is only a joke, as an IRL fan I am including myself in this---End Disclaimer

                    Q: How many IRL fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

                    A: All of them. One to hold the light bulb, the rest to drink until the room starts spinning.

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                      Can I use coffee?


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                        Originally posted by indyracer56
                        Can I use coffee?

                        Only if it is decaf. The rest of us won't need you bouncing off the walls, making us dizzier than we already are.
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                          Is this a personal attack, is that allowed or are media people fair game? No one is perfect and some of his errors stem from where he comes from. Scott may not be the most fun in the booth, but he is the most accurate. on countless occasions, he has made on the spot analysis that were dead on, or even mentioned something that could happen and did. Isn't that what an in-booth expert supposed to do?

                          'fender, while I have your "eye," again I ask you, isn't "the mouse" "partner" with EVERY entity they broadcast for, and aren't those entities due equal promotional efforts as those of IndyCar, no more, no less. You seem to avoid answering that one? Why, in your eyes, does the IRL deserve more?


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                            I was going to suggest a "Driven" drinking game - ie, 1 drink every time something happens in the movie that is either impossible or implausable in real life (such as methanol plus water equaling explosion - or the apparent on-board starters). But I wasn't sure I wanted the TF readers drinking that much...
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                              Not looking to step on anyone's toes here or honk anyone off, but if you've got a sense of humor, these drinking games can be funny. If not, then no worries, watch the broadcasts sober, like I usually do.

                              Anyway, I thought the Scott Goodyear/IRL drinking game was humorous and wanted to share a couple others with you.

                              Here's one: Brent Musberger Drinking Game

                              This one you could probably do try this weekend as I believe that Brent will be doing the Ohio St./Michigan game.

                              Another fun one, that will take you down memory lane is this one:
                              Save by the Bell Drinking Game

                              You can get the DVD set at Target (IRL sponsor) and have a ball with it.



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