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    Looks pretty sweet.

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    Tudor continues: "We've got the iconic manufacturers that were missing from the first game: they're now in it. We've got brand-new motorsports that are unannounced currently. But we can talk about IndyCar: we're now an officially licensed IndyCar Game.


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      What version of the dw12 will it feature is the question. Considering the new body work is no big secret, they've shown concepts and are going to show the final render in less than a month and the actual car will be on display 2 months after that one can hope the 2018 body work will be used in project cars 2.


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        So who's getting this game, and what platform?


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          Originally posted by RacingPortaJohn View Post
          So who's getting this game, and what platform?

          I have the first game already, I'm getting the PC version at some point.


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            Xbox 1


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              Finishing up a cup of coffee and then I'm off to Southport and Emerson to pick up my PS4 copy.
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                So I have had the game for a few months now. But here is what I have found so far.

                I can see why Indycar drivers need to bulk up for the street courses, you have to drive with a lot of agression.

                The AI at indy is still a WIP, but it is fun to race at.

                I get the feeling they're under powered compared to the chassis they have.

                The Formula X reminds me of the late 90's champ cars in terms of power and how it drives.

                Formula C, I'm racing in a league right now is a lot of fun as well so if you don't want the daunting task of going all out in the indycar go for it.

                Formula A, their Formula 1 has some issues, feels very twitchy.

                The GTE GT3 and LMP cars are amazing to drive.

                That said most of the cars are fun to drive. I'd wait for a sale and get the Porsche DLC so you can drive the Can-Am killer!


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                  I have most of the DLCs that it came with when I got it on sale last fall. Bad thing is not enough time to really get into it. Smoked - agree with you about the cars etc..
                  Round and round they go, no one knows who will win... that's one of the biggest thrills of the sport. <><


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                    It's great on many levels, but it's kinda buggy. Sometimes I watch a replay of a race that went just fine, only to see the car tearing around on 3 wheels because I wrecked the car a month ago or whatever and somehow the damage (visual at least) got saved along with the setup....
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