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First timer to a NHRA event advice needed

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    I was there on Friday for my first ever visit to an NHRA event. Luckily the weather held off but a bit chilly for a late June afternoon. Thoughts in no particular order:

    Access to the teams is unbelievable. I thought Indycar Paddock access was great but this was over the top. They clearly have the right formula for that.

    Very nice facility. Very fan friendly and very nice people there to help. Golf cart ride to the gate wasn't necessary but greatly appreciated.

    When standing down near the starting line the power, sound, smell of those Nitro cars will truly knock your socks off. About the only thing I could compare the chest pounding feel to is a Space Shuttle launch. These beasts don't shake the ground but come close. Very, very cool.

    Hearing protection is NOT optional. You can get away without it at Indycar, NASCAR or F1 but not NHRA.

    Pound of ice cream for $1 is best deal in motorsports - no question about it.

    FanVision service was pixelated, frozen and quite frankly unusable on Friday. That was a disappointment as it has worked great at NASCAR and 2014 Indy 500 for me. The fine folks at Racing Electronics are giving me a credit so kudos to them.

    The motorcycles are just nuts. Crazy fast.

    TV does not do this show justice. Faster and louder in person. Should be on every motorsports fan's bucket list. Glad I checked it off mine.

    Overall great time.


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      Sorry I saw this thread late. I have been to several Winternationals and never ever was disappointed. I used to love the show Eddie and Ercie Hill put on when warming up the car in the pits. The nitro fumes will clear your head instantly. I love the start line more than the finish just because of the pure power bring put down. Good good times!
      RIP Justin! WWJCD


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        Went to Summit today for the first time I've been to see NHRA since 1988 in Ennis. Yeah, 30 years. Went by fast. As loud as I remember the Nitro cars being when I was young, my god I felt grossly unprepared for it this time. I literally saw a deaf person with ear protection in front of me. That's how loud Top Fuel and Nitro Funny Car is.

        Great action, nonstop racing all day long. Access is as great today as it was back then. Comparing my visit here to mine at MIS a couple of weeks ago is night and day. Actual care put into the facilities, totally reasonable event pricing, free parking, food and beverage doesn't cost and arm and a leg ($5 for a beer? That's reasonable. $1 for a giant thing of ice cream? Practically charity), lots of vendors and trucks, their self-contained merch area doesn't automatically eliminate other merch trailers, and unlike NASCAR's, it's covered.

        Looking at past photos and looking at today, it looks like the crowd is growing here, not shrinking any more. There's still room for the little guy and a place for the big timers. People still get bumped in qualifying. Competiton is super close, and the track was fast and grippy. Even stuff like the program was really high quality.


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          Originally posted by Unzerdog View Post
          Make sure to hang out in a pit stall after they rebuild and fire that sucker up. Learn why they all stand around wearing gas masks. It should remind you of Army gas chamber training. See how long you can take it. You'll drool from your eyes ears nose and throat. I kid you not.
          I did that at my first Drag race when they fired it up, I looked around me and I was the only one standing there, I hung in there, the people around thought I was nuts. I turned around smiling and crying, choking all at the same time, only once though


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            Totally fan friendly event. Should be on everyone's bucket list.


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              It's a brand new day.


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                It's a brand new day.


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                  holy **** balls
                  It's a brand new day.


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