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  • MIPS equipment

    for sale in the back of RACER Magazine. looks like taylor fletcher's equipment.
    Time to start the Track Forum IPS team?
    Have attended: Indy 500 (36), Belle Island (3), Kentucky (4), St Pete (3), Homestead (1), Texas (2) Michigan (5), Cleveland (3), Iowa (6), Chicagoland (5), IRP (2), Eldora (3)...

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    Yes, The equipment is for sale, (has been for a year). If we sell the equipment , I would probably take the existing sponsors and the cash and go run with another team. It is a bit of a challenge to manage a team and drive as well.

    We have everything: Car, 52' transporter, pit equipment, tools, spares, etc etc. All in excellent condition.

    Partnerships like one with the Track Forum IPS team are also an option. (All it takes is money...)

    In the mean time we are putting sponsors together with the hope of running the full season with a "real budget". Time will tell if we are successful ...

    Taylor Fletcher
    Bullet-Team Motorsports
    PO Box 5196
    San Clemente Ca 92674

    Email to: [email protected]


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