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Mid-Ohio Mid-Week Extravaganza Thread

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  • Mid-Ohio Mid-Week Extravaganza Thread

    No audio for practice so no idea about any specifics of the session. Braden Eves led practice for Indy Pro 200 ahead of Manuel Sulaiman and championship leader Danial Frost. Road America's other race winner Artem Petrov was down in 7th. All 16 cars that ran Road America have returned as well as Kory Enders, who was a no show at RA, giving us 17 cars this week.

    Eduardo Barrichello led USF2000 practice over Yuven Sundaramoorthy and Josh Green. Runaway championship leader Christian Rasmussen was all the way down in 9th. Kiko Porto was added to the field this weekend now that he finally got back into the country from Brazil, but Nico Christodoulou is a late scratch for some reason, so we again have 20 cars like last race weekend.

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    There is video of qualifying if anyone wants to watch:


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      Eduardo Barrichello gets saved by the bell in F2000 qualifying as Bijoy Garg loops it going over the hill into Thunder Valley to bring out a red and end the session about a minute and a half early. Barrichello takes his first career pole by just 0.005 second over Reece Gold, also with a career-best start. Christian Rasmussen will go off 3rd.
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        Braden Eves pulls out his first career IP2000 pole on the last lap, going from 0.002 behind Danial Frost to 0.040 ahead. Sting Ray Robb ended up 3rd. Almost had another last minute red as Kory Enders went off in the same spot as Garg during F2000 qualifying, but he got the car rolled behind a tire wall and the session stayed green. Turns out the reason Enders missed Road America was a friend catching COVID, Enders decided to stay home in quarantine instead of going to the track.
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          Halfway through USF2000 race 1 and Rasmussen is starting to check out. Barrichello got the jump at the start, but Rasmussen made a very nice move around the outside of turn 5 on lap 3 for the lead. Top 5 are Rasmussen, Barrichello, Micheal d'Orlando, Gold and Matt Round-Garrido, making a very nice recovery from starting 15th. Josh Green and Sundaramoorthy may have gotten together on the first lap, they started 5th and 8th and both pitted after lap 1.

          Lap 13 and no changes at the front. Jack William Miller didn't make it for the start, he wound up not joining the race until lap 3.

          4 laps to go and Rasmussen is in a race by himself now, up 10 seconds on Barrichello.

          Nolan Siegel pits from 15th position, apparently putting an end to a forgettable race.

          White flag is out, Gold starting to put some pressure on Barrichello for 2nd.

          Checkered flag, Rasmussen get his 3rd straight win to start the season, this one by nearly 13 seconds. Barrichello holds on for 2nd, while Gold gets his first podium finish. d'Orlando and Round-Garrido round out the top 5. It's still early, but unless someone steps up soon Cape Motorsports' 9 year run of driver's championships will be in jeopardy. Jay Howard may get an owner's title to go along with his 2005 driver's championship.

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            IP2000 is underway, sort of. Start was waved off so lap 1 runs under yellow.

            After 3 of 25 laps Eves has held the lead, but Frost is pushing him hard. Parker Thompson got around Sting Ray Robb for 3rd. Enders is in the pits with a mechanical issue, and Hunter McElrea's nightmare start to the season continues, he sounds like he has car problems and has dropped from 7th to 11th.

            8 laps in and Eves is holding steady about a half second ahead of Frost. Robb has now dropped to 6th. McElrea's issues seem to have cleared up, he's back up to 9th.

            11 laps in now, only new items of note are Antoine Comeau pulling in with an issue and Nate Aranda going for a quick spin in turn 11.

            Full course yellow on lap 12. Moises de la Vara has gone off in turn 6 just outside of camera range. Race goes green again at the start of lap 15.

            Robb's race keeps getting worse. After falling to 7th he slid off the exit of turn 2 and fell all the way to 12th. Now 7 laps to go.

            3 to go and Eves finally gets some breathing room, going up a second.

            Frost got close enough to show his nose going into the Carousel on the last lap, but Braden Eves holds on for his first series win. Thompson is 3rd followed by Manuel Sulaiman and Petrov. Not only does McElrea's car not have an issue at the end, he sets fast lap, though only finishes 8th.

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              Boy, I agree w/your comment re: Rasmussen; he and his team are really making it happen out there! Perhaps early to compare, but this reminds me of Kirkwood's run through RTI.

              Frost also seemingly in firm control in IP2000. Good to see Thompson get a solid result.


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                Today's USF2000 qualifying happened before I even made it to a computer so all I know for notes is what I heard in IP2000 qualifying, which is that Prescott Campbell brought out a red flag with 2 minutes to go to end the session. Not that Rasmussen needed the help, but that sealed his pole position. Gold 2nd for the second time this weekend, and Nolan Siegel easily sets a career best start by qualifying 3rd. Biggest news was Barrichello's awful session, he's buried in 12th. Campbell paid a penalty for bringing out that red, losing his best lap dropped him from 10th to 15th.


                Sting Ray Robb looked to have pole for IP2000, but Eves stole it from him on the last lap, with Frost ending up in 3rd. There's less than 0.05 second covering a very tight top 3. Whatever problems took Kory Enders out of yesterday's race continued into today, he didn't get a time and will start at the back.


                There will be no qualifying for the 3rd race of the weekend, fast laps from race 2 will set the grid for race 3, so expect more shenanigans where cars at the back pit for fresh tires to try and jump up the race 3 grid.
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                  USF2000 race 2 is underway. Rasmussen unsurprisingly jumps to the front. Christian Brooks gave Nolan Siegel a hard fight for 3rd but Siegel holds on. Josh Green nearly provided some excitement by getting 2 wheels in the dirt going down the back straight but everyone kept it going straight.

                  Pretty static at the front through lap 4, top 5 starters still running in those positions. Kyle Dupell is the biggest early mover, going 10th to 7th.

                  7 laps in, Rasmussen is up a second and a half. He and Gold have left the field behind. Michael d'Orlando had an even worse qualifying than Barrichello, all the back in 16th. He now runs 12th with Barrichello 11th.

                  Now halfway through a pretty uneventful race. Rasmussen up 2.5 seconds on Gold and 6.75 over Siegel. Campbell may have wing damage. Kiko Porto brings his car into pit lane.

                  Troublesome turn 9 pops back up on lap 13, as Ayrton Ori goes off and brings out a full course yellow. Wyatt Brichacek had also gone off, stopping with a mechanical issue, while Jack William Miller pitted with wing damage. All 3 incidents are unrelated. Round-Garrido has gotten around Brooks for 4th.

                  Green finally back out on lap 17. Took a while for Ori's car to decide if it wanted to restart or give up.

                  Checker is out, Christian Rasmussen wins again. Gold and Siegel round out the podium. This is the second straight year someone won the first 4 races of the year after Braden Eves did it last year. Streaking isn't unusual in F2000, this is the 5th time in the last 6 years someone put together a win streak of at least 4 races.

                  Rasmussen and Gold will again be the front row for race 3 based on fastest laps from this race. d'Orlando only finished 10th but set the 3rd fastest lap, so he'll start 3rd this afternoon.


                  Some post-race follow up, Brooks has been dropped to 5th, Round-Garrido promoted to 4th. Brooks got a penalty for blocking.
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                    Green flag for IP2000. Eves gets the jump, Frost came close to getting around Robb for 2nd but didn't quite get there. Whatever issues Enders has are continuing, he took the start but brought the car in at the end of the first lap. A couple raindrops have fallen but not enough to affect anything yet.

                    Artem Petrov moves to 4th on lap 3 and then 3rd on lap 5. This is an incredibly tight group at the front, the first 10 or so cars are battling hard.

                    Lap 7 and Petrov goes around the outside of turn 4 for the lead. Top 5 now Petrov, Eves, Thompson, Frost, Robb. Hopefully some of you are able to watch this, it's been a great race so far.

                    Colin Kaminsky loops it at the end of the back straight on lap 8. He's stalled it and the yellow comes out.

                    Jacob Loomis pits under the yellow. He's been running towards the back but has fast lap of the race so far.

                    Restart on lap 11, Petrov gets a good jump on the field. Robb and Sulaiman had a nice scrap for 6th, running side by side through 4-5-6. Next lap and Robb moves back in front of Devlin DeFrancesco in the Keyhole for 5th.

                    Halfway and Petrov is up 1.6 seconds. Frost has gotten back around Thompson for 3rd, setting fastest lap in the process.

                    Lap 16 and McElrea moves around Sulaiman for 7th. Still tight up front but positions aren't changing right now.

                    Loomis and Kaminsky are running 16th and 15th, but having putted for fresh tires they're easily the fastest drivers on track and would be the front row this afternoon. Meanwhile Robb has passed Thompson for 4th on lap 18.

                    5 laps to go an Petrov has now pulled out nearly 4 seconds, though he keeps locking up in spots, so these tires may start giving up. Robb slips back from 4th to 6th.

                    Not sure exactly what happened, but Thompson falls to 6th and Eves 9th. DeFrancesco is now 2nd somehow through the chaos.

                    2 to go and Robb gets around Frost for the last podium spot. Petrov now up 7.5 seconds, with the next 7 cars packed together.

                    Artem Petrov gets his second win of the year in a race much closer than an 8 second margin of victory would have you think. DeFrancesco holds on to 2nd. Frost tried to get Robb on the last lap but the two made contact coming over the turn 5 hill, which sent Frost sideways and dropped him all the way to 8th. Thompson and Sulaiman rounded out the top 5.

                    At the other end of the field, Loomis, Kaminsky and Enders finished 16-15-17, but all used fresh tires to set fast laps and will start 1-2-3 this afternoon. Have to say, I really don't like setting grids by race times, this really isn't representative of anything. Go by 2nd best qualifying lap or something, but this current setup stinks. It also appears someone has spun on the cool down lap, but I can't tell who.

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                      USF2000 race #3 is in a delay. Round-Garrido and Cameron Shields apparently came together while warming tires, guessing Round-Garrido spun and Shields didn't see and eventually hit him since they were lined up 5th and 12th. They're both done and the race was red flagged before it even got going. Word now is that it was two separate incidents, which might actually be worse.

                      In a move shocking no one, Rasmussen got the jump on the start. d'Orlando got around Gold for 2nd. Campbell was apparently also involved in the warmup mess, he had to get a new front wing and joined the race from pit lane.

                      6 laps in and Rasmussen has a one second lead. Jack William Miller is easily having his best run, going from 9th on the grid to 5th. Nolan Siegel has gone the other way, he started 4th but is all the way back to 17th now.

                      Halfway through and Rasmussen has about a second and a quarter lead. The top 4 of Rasmussen, d'Orlando, Gold and Brooks have broken away a bit from 5th.

                      13 laps in, Rasmussen has pulled another second. d'Orlando and Gold have dropped Brooks, so the Cape drivers will settle 2nd among themselves for now.

                      3 to go and the lead has grown to over 3 1/2 seconds. Campbell had to pit again with his issues and has lost 2 laps now.

                      White flag is out and Gold is all over d'Orlando for 2nd.

                      Christian Rasmussen sweeps the weekend. d'Orlando just holds off Gold for 2nd, Brooks and Miller round out the top 5.

                      Scoring 98 out of a possible 99 points over the weekend will certainly get it done for Rasmussen. He's won the first 5 races of the season, but has a little work still to do to get the record. J. R. Hildebrand won the first 7 on his way to winning 12 out of 14 in 2006. Rasmussen's current boss Jay Howard won the first 6 races in 2005.

                      Very nice weekend for Reece Gold. He previously had not recorded a top 5 finish, then stood on the podium after all 3 races. Good weekend for Brooks too, showing nice progress by finishing 6th, 5th and 4th. Kyle Dupell nearly had the most consistent weekend ever. He started 10th all three races and finished 7th in the first two, but Josh Green passed him with five laps to go in the final race to drop him to 8th.


                      Based on the results, my best guess now on that pace lap mess is that Shields had gone off in 1 on the pace lap, the start got waved off and Round-Garrido then hit him, or something else, on the wave off. Shields is marked as a DNS but it shows Round-Garrido taking the start. Would also explain the lap count while the cars were sitting in the pits under red flag conditions. I just missed the beginning of the broadcast so I have to try and piece it together.
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                        Wild first lap for final race of the weekend, with mad 3 wide scrambles into turns 2 and 4. Kaminsky makes the jump into the lead, with Frost going 4th to 2nd and Loomis dropping from pole to 3rd. Biggest news is Eves' weekend continuing to spiral out of control, as he's involved in turn 2 contact. Four cars wound up pitting after lap 1, Eves, de la Vara, Cook and Aranda.

                        Artem Petrov now having a problem after three laps, running slow and dropping to the back. Robb has passed Loomis for 3rd, and now Petrov pits.

                        Lap 4 and Frost and Kaminsky have a great battle side by side from turns 4 through 9 for the lead. It ends when the two get together in the middle of Thunder Valley. Frost falls back through the field, Kaminsky pits after wing damage and Sting Ray Robb falls into a race lead.

                        Resetting things after 7 laps, we have a somewhat nonsensical top 5 of Robb, Loomis, Enders, McElrea and DeFrancesco. Charles Finelli and Bob Kaminsky are rounding out the top 10 in the chaos right now.

                        McElrea makes the move around Enders and on to the podium on lap 8. Colin Kaminsky's car has been retired.

                        Halfway through and McElrea gets around Loomis for 2nd. Loomis doing a nice job still hanging around in 3rd. The lead is 2 seconds.

                        10 to go and DeFrancesco goes around the outside of turn 4 to pass Enders for 4th. Thompson also passes Sulaiman for 6th. Meanwhile the lead is shrinking quickly.

                        18 laps in, the lead grows slightly now to a second and a half. Thompson makes the move past Enders for 5th.

                        With 5 laps to go the lead is down to a second. They've cleared lapped traffic so it should be a straight fight now.

                        2 laps to go, could this be the end of the frustration for Robb? He has 6 runner up finishes without a win. Finelli slid off in the Carousel but got the car back underway.

                        White flag, the lead is just over a half second now.

                        It took 49 races, but Sting Ray Robb is finally a race winner! McElrea almost got to his gearbox that last lap but couldn't quite get him. At least he finally got his season kick started. Loomis does a nice job to bring the car home 3rd. DeFrancesco and Thompson round out the top 5.

                        The championship is about as wild as today's races have been. Frost fell from the lead all the way to 4th, but he's only 7 points out of first. Only a dozen points separate the top 5 of Robb, DeFrancesco, Petrov, Frost and Eves, with just 2 points between first and 2nd.


                        Welp, so much for Loomis' nice run. The car came in underweight and he got DQed, promoting DeFrancesco to the podium. I believe that also gives him the championship lead by 1 point over Robb.
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                          Great reports. Thanks for keeping us updated.


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