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    How many IPS car currently exist?

    I know there were at least 19 before Michigan. This is the maximum number raced so far at any IPS race. (Freedom 100 at IMS).

    We haven't seen the 2 Bowes-Roquin cars this year otherwise. Between them, they had 3 cars last year.

    Also, would someome remind me what happened with Ronnie Johncox? Did he crash during testing after Indy?

    Also, how many cars were unsalvageble after Michigan?

    Thanks, gang, for the information, because I'm an information junkie, apparently whether it's worthwhile or useless.

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    Bowes and Roquin each have one car.

    Ronnie Johncox still had his complete outfit as of Michigan. They only had the budget for a partial season and decided to park the car while sponsor hunting rather than run less than a top effort.

    At least four of the seven cars crashed at Michigan in the two incidents were write-offs - SSM #99, Beardsley #12, Hardley #24 & Hemelgarn #92. The SSM #6 was originally though to be junk as well but they were hoping for better once they got back to the shop.

    Of those two Hemelgarn and Hardley replaced their cars for sure, presumebly with new chassis. SSM has the #99 entered at Gateway so it appears they have bought another chassis, new or used is unknown.

    If everyone showed up at the track currently it appears that there would be seventeen or eighteen cars depending on the status of the #6.

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