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  • Washington Post article

    I just wanted to share this Washington Post Article from my trip to Capitol Hill yesterday to speak to members of Congress on behalf of Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act:

    Washington Post: Race Car Driver Aims to Put Brakes on Global Warming

    The Lieberman Warner Climate Security Act is a bipartison effort and an important new approach to combating global warming that works for our economy and our environment. The first photo is myself in Senator Lugar's office talking with the former climate policy adviser of the Environmental Protection Agency who is currently the Executive Director for Global Warming at National Wildlife Federation. The one below that is myself and Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), who has been a co-sponsor of the Lieberman Warner Climate Security Act from the beginning. It was very exciting to be on Capitol Hill!

    I don't care what political party you belong to or if you are among the dying breed of global warming deniers, (they seem to come out of the woodwork in my email inbox when i make eco news) there is no denying that the use of renewable clean energy will make our country more independent from foreign oil and that is a great thing for all of us - Democrats. Republicans. America.

    Life is short. Race hard. Live green.

    Leilani #57

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    Very cool. Nice to see my senator actually does something.


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      You go girl....chase your dreams.


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        Do you believe that there is a cost effective way to become independent of oil for energy? Seems to me that so far there are plenty of alternatives - but they all require oil somewhere along the way. And the costs - that's a whole another story.

        Nonetheless- I can admire your spirit and willingness to stand up for the right thing. Hope you are able to enact some changes.


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          Great job Leilani



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            My Band's website!!!!


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              Interesting. Thanks.

              I'm a supporter of environmental causes. I don't much like the thought of many of the alternative farmed fuels. Compared to the tiny benefits ("carbon neutral") they seem to have dramatic downsides with higher costs of food and other ag products. And land. And still lots of pollution. I do support nuclear electrical power, wind , solar, and power conservation. Not as much hydro anymore (habitat loss, but it is somewhat clean) unless it wave farms.

              I guess something will pass quickly since they put the word "security" in the title. The cynic in me says Washington will continue to pass pork laden ethanol projects until we're broke and they realize it's a dead end. Especially if they can pad the big farmers pockets and use the word security at the same time.

              Despite my cynicism about politicians, things still need to be done. Thank you for you efforts. Very impressive. Best of luck.
              Got to watch out for those Libertarians - they want to take over the government and leave everyone alone!


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                Dying breed of global warming deniers? I'm not dying. I find more people like me daily. And more evidence to support my view every day. Was the globe warming for a period...yes. Did human activity cause it...no. Is energy independence a good thing...you bet. Is corn based ethanol the answer...no. Is sugar cane/beet ethanol a better answer---yes, by 8 times. Is cellulosic better?...yes by 30 times. Do we need to ramp up our own oil refining, drilling and exploration...yes, also. Do we need to push Fisher-Tropf coal to gasoline/diesel...yes.
                Third Gen Indy Fan


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