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Danger of staying up for the late night races

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  • Danger of staying up for the late night races

    Don't you hate it when you stay up late to watch the race live....fall asleep 10 laps in, and wake up just in time to see the podium celebration?

    It sorta makes watching the tape a little less exciting.....

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    I spent most of Saturday helping a friend move into a new house, so it was fairly easy to hit the sack at 9 and get up at two. But the race itself would have put anyone to sleep who eally needed any.


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      Yeah I was up very ealry on Sat, tried to stay up for the 10:30 Pac time start and woke up on the couch on lap 7 . gave up and made sure I watched the re-air this am before getting online. I feel your pain though.
      Live like Dave


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        ...I caught a 'nap' Saturday afternoon so I had no problem staying up. In fact that was the problem, with taking a nap I was able to stay awake for all the race....and about 3 hours afterward.
        ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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          We had gone to our favorite casino for the prime rib / crab leg buffet and do some gaming ( That's the new "buzz word" that replaces gambling ). Around 10:00 I told my wife I was heading home.

          She asked, "Why?".

          I said, "Well there's a live race coming on TV and I ain't making any money here!".



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