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Aguri engine question?

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  • Aguri engine question?

    So, we know hes going to pull out those old Arrows rides, but what about the engines? Ive seen some lines in the recent articles that say the car will be adapted for Honda engines, but from what i know about the design of the Cossy that powered the Arrows ride in 02 vs the new Honda V8 or even V10, they are radically different.

    Anybody know what they are going to do? Cossy V10? Honda V10? Honda V8?

    Im actually rooting for them quite a bit. I liked the old orange Arrows, and i like the fact that they kinda backdoored their way in around the FIA. Im a sucker for the underdog, i guess.

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    Three things known....

    Super Aguri will use the new Honda V8....

    Super Aguri will use Bridgestone tires......

    Super Aguri has signed the new Concorde Agreement.....

    Beyond that.....timetables, competitiveness, new car availability, etc........nothing is known. However, it's pretty difficult to be very optimistic.



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      Honda V8 eh? God, im glad im not one of the mechanics doing that conversion. Thats going to be a mind bending pain the arse. Thanks for the quick response. Looks like this thread is already done, haha.


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        You'll see Super Aguri on the grid for sure in Bahrain, but I seriously doubt they will even finish a full race distance until about mid-season at best. With so little time for testing they are going to have major reliability issues IMO....


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          Yeah it's going to be tough for them for sure. But I'm excited to see a new team in F1. The only truly new team I remember in recent times is Toyota. There have been a lot of takeovers (eg Tyrell to BAR to Honda) but very few new teams. Seems to me that Super Aguri are counting on a change to the Concorde agreement to allow sharing of IP among teams.


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            Every year, the FIA talks of allowing more cooperation between teams... chassis buying/selling, using the same cars the same year, etc... but it never comes. It is the FIA afterall.

            Ill be rooting for Aguri. This isnt going to be a pretty season, but they apparently WILL be out there, and with Minardi and Jordan both stepping up their game, somebody needed to be last every race.


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              A more interesting question for me is tires for Super Aguri. They are on Bridgestones and Honda are on Michelin. I suspect that part of the agreement with Bridgestone is that no tire information will flow to a Michelin team, but if Honda are providing engines and probably some technical support...


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