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11 Months Until The Last USGP at Indianapolis???

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  • 11 Months Until The Last USGP at Indianapolis???

    With the new USGP date of June 20, 2004 set for the last of the 5 originally contracted USGPs at Indianapolis the big question is whether or not there will be another. Crowds have gone done each year since the first race in 2000 and IMS apparently doesn’t get any television revenue to make up for the loss of ticket sales. We’ll have to see what the crowd is like this year.
    The move to the new date does at least two things right away. Since IMS has to pay the considerable transportation costs for Formula One to come to Indianapolis the new date allows these costs to be split with the Canadian Formula One promoters since the races now run back-to-back on the 2004 schedule. The new date also makes negotiations for any new contract between Ecclestone and IMS start sooner. They are probably going on right now. Some of the leaks to the press about a possible USGP West somewhere (denied, of course) are part of Bernie’s strategy. And Tony George may be doing a little positioning himself by making the big announcement about the Indy Racing League adding road courses in 2005. He doesn’t want another road racing series competing with his own in North America does he? Again, we’ll have to wait and see.
    Overall, the future of the USGP at Indianapolis is uncertain. Formula One is the most expensive race that IMS puts on each year. And it draws only about a third of the spectators that the other two races do. As mentioned, the lack of television revenue is a big problem. Traditionally, Ecclestone always asks for huge increases when any of his tracks are up for new contracts. He has about put Silverstone in his own country out of business a couple of times with his tactics. Most of the European tracks put up with this because Formula One is their one big event each year. This is not the case at Indianapolis. Whether or not Formula One at IMS is a profitable venture is unknown to anyone except those “in the know” out at 16th and Georgetown. But it is certainly the weakest performer of the three races put on each year at Indianapolis. If Ecclestone holds the line on his usual huge contract increases it becomes likely that next June’s USGP at Indianapolis will be the last. We might all end up parking in the Turn 4 infield again on what’s left of the former USGP road course.

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    ...the USGP will stay in Indy for the forseeable future.

    First of all, there's very few places that are up to F1 standards, and even fewer able or willing to shell-out the money for an F1 event.

    True crowds have decreased since 2000, but even last years crowd is still one of the highest attended F1 events.

    I also have no doubt Bernie & F1 might like to have a U.S. west-coast event, and I still stick to Las Vegas being that west-coast location.

    But F1 is wanting more American fans & viewers to F1, hence a 2nd or west-coast event. And so I believe that IMS & F1 will continue their arrangement as having IMS as part of the F1 schedule brings that added exposure.

    I can only guess about the financial end of IMS' F1 adventure. I'm fairly confident that although this isn't a huge money-maker, it's still profitable.

    And with IMS hosting 3 different world-class events, this also is good exposure for IMS.

    I'd say a new contract between F1 & IMS will be in the future.
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      I think this is part of a bigger strategy read this atlas f1 thread:

      Canada to lose GP

      Could Bernie be setting up to cover his bets?

      1.) If the Canadian GP is held then he kill two birds with one stone by having the USGP a couple of weeks later.

      2.) If Canada is cut then the USGP become THE North American stop of the F-1 circus giving the June timeslot that Canada once held.


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        They signed for 3 more years after the orginal contract many months ago.


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          jrandrew00, I hope that you are correct. Do you remember the source for this? I've searched articles back as far as last December and so far haven't been able to find anything on this.


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            Originally posted by jrandrew00
            They signed for 3 more years after the orginal contract many months ago.



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              I sure hope the USGP stays at Indy. I gave up going to the Brickyard 400 because I enjoy F1 so much.
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