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Reserve Hotels for 2004 NOW!!!!!!

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  • Reserve Hotels for 2004 NOW!!!!!!

    Try Hotwire.com or Priceline.com right now and reserve your room for 2004. I don't think they've programmed thier computers yet for the change.

    I just got the Homestead Suites on the NW side for $35.00!

    Please post your results here if you get a chance!

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    Ramada Inn on the south side $56.00. Thanks for tip. Now I've got a room for next year's race, but not this year's. Go figure.


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      Just got a room for 39.99! less than 1/5 what I'm paying in september.


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        I got a Red Roof for $50.00 online.

        I hope they honor it. I'm afraid they will try and back out or charge me more.


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          I'm kind of worried about that too. But, they've already charged my card, so hopefully that will mean something 11 months from now.

          I would imagine that the hotels aren't too happy with this date shift. The day or two after the announcement, there were bargains galore! It sounds like there still are.


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            can they legally change your rate once it's booked?

            it's up to them to keep up with this stuff .

            it's not your problem.
            It's a brand new day.


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              if your rate gets changed, or they try to force you into a three night minimum, or if they try to cancel it, scream bloody murder to corporate guest relations of the hotel chain. they'll leave everything alone after that. this is especially effective if you have booked a hilton family property.

              trust me...
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                Originally posted by SPM
                I got a Red Roof for $50.00 online.

                I hope they honor it. I'm afraid they will try and back out or charge me more.
                I have gotten many good deals on hotels for races and vacations due to typos and such. They have never tried to make me pay more. Make sure you make a print-out of the online transaction and take it with you so they can't try any funny business.

                I stayed at a beautiful resort on Myrtle Beach 2 years ago for $100 a night for 3 nights. It was a HUGE 2 bedroom condo. Travelocity put the price on their website. So I jumped on it. When I was checking out the bill was for over 700 dollars. I paid 300 and Travelocity paid the rest.
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