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  • 2019-20 season thread

    First race weekend at Ad-Diriyah (Riyadh)
    It's kind of odd for an EV racing series to start their season in Saudi Arabia, but here we are for the 2nd season in a row.
    One new rule I'm not keen on is that for every minute the race is under safety car conditions, 1% of the energy is deducted from each car. I'd rather they let the drivers save energy, then go full bore at the end.
    In the races themselves, Alexander Sims of Andretti BMW won race 2 while Envision Virgin Racing's (customer Audi team) Sam Bird was victorious in race 1. Michael was there to celebrate with the team, congrats to them. The racing action was typical street racing. New manufacturers Porsche and Mercedes did well in their debuts.
    The Jaguar I-Pace support race was painfully slow with little passing. Tire screeching was about the only sounds to be heard.

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    Do they only have one support race at those events? That would be a lot of work setting up the course and stands for just two events.
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      Yes. Most of the E-Prix are single day events, with qualifications, support race, and main race all on one day. This event was obviously a doubleheader.


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        I'm actually watching the Santiago race, good action, garbage track. Cars sound like the old car racing game when I was a kid.


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          Good action, garbage track describes most Formula E races. BMW wins!


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            There's lots of carbon fiber pieces being destroyed today. The Mexico City race is always a highlight of the season.


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              I was watching the re-air of the Mexico City I-Pace race and it cut back to the Formula E race while the I-Paces were still on the grid. Was this a problem with the original broadcast or should my DVR recording of the original telecast be okay?
              Some fans claim one series or another runs "real race cars." What's everybody else running, fake race cars? :confused:


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                Watching the re-air of the Marrakesh EP. The Marrakesh course is probably the second best circuit in FE behind Mexico City. Good action so far; not a fan of the penalty against Mercedes, too much regen(?). Why would that be penalized, isn't that the point of electric racing, to make the charge last longer so you can go faster? During the penalty, there was a Toto Wolff sighting.


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