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Movie Night Thursday Dec 15

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  • Movie Night Thursday Dec 15

    Thursday night at the Movies Dec 15
    Brickyard Crossing outside turn 2 at Indy

    Hot Laps 6:30 pm
    Feature 7:00 pm

    Stop by enjoy one of their wonderful dinner specials and catch a few good race flicks.

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    Sledding on the turn 2 mounds at 10:00?


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      This time I want to make it to the film night

      I am going to try to make it tonite.
      A system crash took me off line for a day or two....but I still would compliment the attitude and conduct of the track forum.
      Anyway best to all and look forward to meeting some fine folks tonite.



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        Did you make it??
        We watched quite a snow storm blow thru with thunder and lighting, I am not kidding. It was neat to look out the big window at the Turn 2 stands with all the snow blowing sideways and we were all snug and warm inside with our adult beverages in hand.
        Make sure if you show up you make yourself known to your fellow trackforum members.


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          Thunder snow is something that, once you've seen it, you'll never forget.


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            No But I swear I will soon.

            It was getting nasty on the roads by 7 and I wussed out.
            Once home when weather goes screwy it is harder to go back out in the ice and thunder snow is strangely memorable.

            I figured enough water had fallen before the freezing point was reached to provide an ice base for the new snow then coming down. It was already getting slick at 5pm when I got home to supper.

            On the other hand it is a short hop right up Holt Rd 2 miles or so.

            Sorry I missed it and I will get there to be a silent listener to catch from the horses' mouth's what really happened at races from the people that done it and fans that know more than I.

            Thanks to the Eagle104 and all for hosting something like this. The affection for motorsports needs to be passed to the next generation.

            I will get there when I can enlist both of us to go it will be easier to go.

            PS thanks for asking.


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