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60 Years Ago Today

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  • 60 Years Ago Today

    Tony Hulman purchased the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Thank You Tony.


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    I was thinking about this over the weekend. The Speedway and the races there are such a remarkable, unique, story. So many facets to it, past, present, and future, one can reflect on it endlessly. And one family has given us this gift for 60 years...

    Thank you Tony, indeed, for saving it and having the vision to build on it's history.

    It could have been a housing development. Try to imagine that. I can't, the void would be enormous.


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      Thank You, Mr. Hulman
      I know what Indy means!


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        Originally posted by oldtimer2
        Thank You, Mr. Hulman


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          For most of those 60 years I have looked forward to each Memorial Day weekend with great anticipation. I have read and reread the history of the Speedway. Watched endless videos and film of races past. I simply cannot pass through Indianapolis without a stop at the Speedway Museum to see once again the great cars that have won "The greatest spectacle in racing." And, after all this time, the feeling never ebbs or goes away. Thank you, Mr. Hulman.
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            I honestly don't know what the he!! my life would be like if that event hadn't taken place.


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              My first post - Indy 500 and WIBC all my life

              The first race I can recall is Jimmy Bryant winning, it was a family tradition to tune in even in Clearwater Florida.

              After we moved back to central Indiana the tradition continued, though in 1970-1974 I saw the thing live from stands on the front stretch.

              It is really a different breed of cat to see it live, however I would hope no one would take that opinion as any put down of Sid Collins and the IMS radio crews as they paint the theater of the mind VERY VERY WELL.

              One of the BEST memories I ever had of my Father and I was going to the 74 race while I was home on leave and watching John Rutherford move through the field so quickly and safely. My Father is no longer alive but I know where he will be every race day - watching from the best seat in the house, anywhere he wants to.

              I can't afford to go to the race as often so it comes full circle back to the IMS radio network, and that comes full circle back to Tony Hulman saving the Speedway from the developers.

              A few years ago someone opined that Roger Penski was "the best thing that ever happened to the Speedway." But I know the best thing that ever happened to the Speedway was Wilbur Shaw and Tony Hulman. Hoosiers saving the race track - imagine that.

              Knowing that I would have enjoyed the gift my partner bought for no particular reason the Legacy DvD set the Speedway put out. She is thoughful like that.

              I would recommend the DvDs to any fan of the Indy 500. A real treat and now everytime there is little to watch on TV, the disks get played repeatedly. WELL WORTH THE PRICE.


              Best Regards and forgive my ramblings down memory lane as long winded.



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                nice post, and welcome aboard!!

                My Band's website!!!!


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                  Originally posted by UsacIrl
                  But I know the best thing that ever happened to the Speedway was Wilbur Shaw and Tony Hulman. Hoosiers saving the race track - imagine that.
                  For sure, cannot forget Wilbur. Thanks.



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                    Thank You Gentlemen Sincerely

                    There are so many great people in auto racing. IMS and IRP and the guys doing it in the dirt or the quarter-mile people too. I am lucky and I know it, to live in central Indiana.

                    The IMS is so full of memories both sweet and sad. I'll keep memory always of all of it. The best will always be with my Father in 74.

                    The worst was seeing people getting hurt and I won't go into it here.

                    I thank Tony and Wilbur again.

                    And all the folks that work the racetracks and all the drivers and crews too.


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                      Originally posted by oldtimer2
                      Thank You, Mr. Hulman

                      Thanks again Mr. Hulman.

                      Happy Thanksgiving! ............ I'm thankful that Mr. Hulman, and Mr. Shaw saved the Speedway.
                      I know what Indy means!


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