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ThursdayNight Movie Celebration

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  • ThursdayNight Movie Celebration

    Thought we would take a walk down Memory Lane this week.
    With the 60th Anniversary of Mr Hulman buying the place coming up on the 14th I thought we would take this week to look at some early footage of what it looked like when he took it over and where its come to today.

    If you can, stop on by the Flagroom at the Brickyard Crossing and take that walk with us.

    Hot Laps 6:30
    Feature 7:00 pm
    Checker Flag falls at 9:00 pm

    Just came from the Old Speedway City Neighborhood Association meeting
    and a few of these people are planning to attend. It opened up a flood of stories about who slept in whose basement. Long before hotels the drivers and mechanics would stay in the homes of local residents. Some becoming fast friends returning year after year.

    Hope to see you there

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