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Dooms Day

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  • Dooms Day

    Here is an interesting article about the day something came to an end.


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    Funny but the article states that those Old Dinosaurs won races for at least another year and a half.
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      Didn't a famous Anglo-American once make a speech about the "end of the beginning" and the "beginning of the end" ?

      Nicely written article - I'll have to revisit that site to read the rest of it
      Duncan Rollo

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        Jack Brabham started it... but Jimmy Clark finished it off... Yes the Dinosaures won many more races but you must remember, after Milwaukee the Lotus team retired to England...
        The following year there were many more "Funny cars " entered at Indy....
        Even AJ eventually secumbed...
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          The author of this article has glossed over a few items.

          He also forgot to mention that Team Lotus won and broke all those records at Milwaukee with a sticky, fast wearing, Dunlop tyre that had been proven to be unsuitable, maybe even unsafe, at Indy's 145-150 mph pace. At a 200 miler with a lap speed of only 107-108 mph, the Dunlops could go the distance, fairly safely on a light car.
          These tires were not readily available, to the other teams.

          Team Lotus gambled on the Dunlops at Indy in '64. Fast, but didn't last.

          Gurney.... "just managed to keep Rodger Ward at bay towards the end" isn't entirely correct either. Ward challenged Gurney (mid-race) and then had to back off because his fuel selector switch was choking the fuel-flow. Both these cars were running with a fuel starvation problem. Ward's was likely the more crippling.


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            Yep, Nice Article. BUT ...

            ... I wonder if he will write an article about A.J. and his dirt car sticking it in the ear of the rear-engine crowd in 1965? I sure wish I had been there.

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            John Milner


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              I was there. Tho other statements were made in articles, at the track, it was said his rear-engined hauler broke down between Indianapolis and Milwaukee. And since he had raced at Springfield the previous day, he decided to use the dirt car at Milwaukee. It is also said the reason he did not win was because of lengthy pit stops.

              Boy, would that be a story of the ages, if he won.


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