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Williams Grove Speedway 1956

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    WOW!!! 😲

    I feel like a kid in a candy store! 😃 🤗 Many, many thanks!

    Meanwhile, an old friend has come to the rescue regarding the original question, with full info for the first two races which I will post later on. This has been very good so far, thanks friends! 🙂


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      As promised, here's the results of the June 17 main events at Williams Grove, 1956, with thanks to Don Capps for providing the period Speed Age reports. 👍 This was a slightly complicated affair since, as already mentioned, the first event started back on April 22 with heat races and a couple of aborted starts for the main event before rain interrupted play. In time-honoured fashion, the "make-up feature" was to be run before the next meeting at the Grove, only this took eight weeks and in the meantime some developments had taken place, the most important of which was the career-altering crash of prospective pole position starter Chuck Weyant from Illinois, who broke his right arm in a time trial flip at Reading the very next week. Luckily for car owner Frank Curtis, 1954 champion Johnny Thomson was available, and had little trouble in winning the first main in June. At that same April Reading meeting, USAC debutant Bernie Hart (NARA runner-up in 1954) was injured in a nasty main event crash, and was to be replaced by another newcomer, Red Riegel, while URC champion Lou Johnson had lost his ride with Keith Unverdorben when he failed to qualify at Reading, with Mike Magill returning to the cokpit of the former Agajanian #98jr. A fourth replacement is likely to have taken place, but sources are not exactly clear: Bill Randall had been injured during an ARDC Midget race at Hatfield back in May, and was presumably replaced by Jackie McLaughlin who, quite ironically, had originally qualified for the race in the "Red Ram Dodge Special" (an ex-Hinnershitz Hillegass chassis now owned by Virgil Neece) but since lost his ride to none other than Lou Johnson, who along with the car was absent at the Grove due to a conflicting URC race meeting at Hatfield - small world!

      April 22 make-up main event, 30 laps:

      1 Johnny Thomson, MA, #43 Curtis/Offenhauser (Parsons '51'), 13'33.93", 66.34 mph (replacing Chuck Weyant, IL)
      2 Dick Rathmann, CA, #55 Traylor/Offenhauser (Sweigart '54')
      3 Tommy Hinnershitz, PA, #1 Hinnershitz/Offenhauser '54'
      4 Gene Hartley, IN, #6 Fray/Offenhauser (Tomshe '53')
      5 Charlie Musselman, PA, #2 Pfrommer/Offenhauser (Nyquist '54')
      6 Len Duncan, PA, #18 Sacks/Hal '48'
      7 Hank Rogers, NJ, #5 Steffen/Offenhauser '54'
      8 Mike Magill, NJ, #4 Unverdorben/Offenhauser (Agajanian '48') (replacing Lou Johnson, DE)
      9 Bill Brown, PA, #19 Hickey/Offenhauser (Caccia '53')
      10 *Jackie McLaughlin, NJ, #5 Vargo/Offenhauser '51' (replacing Bill Randall, MA)
      11 Tony Romit, NY, #28 McConnell/Mercury '54'
      12 Red Riegel, PA, #3 Madara/Mercury (Hinnershitz '49') (replacing Bernie Hart, DE)
      13 Jiggs Peters, NJ, #45 Leitenberger/Offenhauser '50'
      NS Lou Johnson, DE, #101 Neece/Dodge (Hinnershitz '51') (replacing Jackie McLaughlin, NJ)

      * possibly Bill Randall, MA driving

      regular main event, 20 laps

      1 Pat Flaherty, CA, #55 Traylor/Offenhauser (Sweigart '54'), 9'20,42", 64.23 mph
      2 Al Keller, NY, #8 Traylor/Offenhauser '56'
      3 Al Herman, PA, #9 Traylor/Offenhauser (Beal '51')
      4 Johnny Thomson, MA, #43 Curtis/Offenhauser (Parsons '51')
      5 Charlie Musselman, PA, #2 Pfrommer/Offenhauser (Nyquist '54')
      6 Gene Hartley, IN, #6 Fray/Offenhauser (Tomshe '53')
      7 Jiggs Peters, NJ, #45 Leitenberger/Offenhauser '50'
      8 Tommy Hinnershitz, PA, #1 Hinnershitz/Offenhauser '54'
      9 Len Duncan, PA, #18 Sacks/Hal '48'
      10 Mike Magill, NJ, #5 Vargo/Offenhauser '51' (replacing Jackie McLaughlin, NJ)
      11 Joe Mattera, PA, #88 Mattera/Mercury '52'
      12 Bill d'Amico, PA, #19 Smith/Mercury (Culp '50')
      13 Don Wood, NY, #84 Wood/Mercury (Campbell '52')
      14 Rex Easton, IL, #4 Hyneman/Offenhauser (Buckner '49')
      Michael Ferner
      Proud to be a Furriner :)
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        Chuck Weyant's crash.
        Chuck Weyant.jpg


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