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Auto swap meets at IMS

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  • Auto swap meets at IMS

    My late father used to drag me to car swap meets back in the 70s and 80s. Several were in the infield of race tracks including at least one I remember at IMS.

    Does anyone recall the years they did that? I seem to remember my dad saying they eventually moved it to the fairgrounds.
    "The track will choose who's going to win."

    Tony Kanaan

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    Starting somewhere in the early 1970s the Hoosier Swap Meet ran in September every year at IMS. Tony Hulman was very interested in vintage automobiles (probably even more than race cars) and the story was that he allowed the meet to take place for a very minimal fee; maybe even for free in the beginning. The meet typically ran just a couple of weeks before the huge Hershey vintage meet. This went on into the 1990s. Around 1995 the meet was moved to the Marion County Fairgrounds where it ran until 2015. Today the event takes place in Franklin, IN. At its peak the IMS swap meet may have been the second largest event of its type with only Hershey being even larger. I know of some very serious collectors and restorers who came from all over the country to attend the meet at the Speedway. Here's a little more background.

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