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Russ Lake has passed

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  • Russ Lake has passed

    For those of us whose early love for racing was fostered by regular readings of Midwest Racing News, you know the work of Russ Lake. He left us this weekend.

    Godspeed, Racer.

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    An absolute legend around these parts. I had heard he was sick with COVID, but was unaware he had passed.
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      Russ Lake was one of the best
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        I’m very sorry to hear this news, he was undoubtedly a legend. One the best for sure.

        I hope he was previously able to make plans for what would happen to his library of negatives and photographs. I always worry about what happens to those. Hopefully he made plans for them.

        A very, very, sad loss. RIP.


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          I have seen many of his photos over the years. Sorry to hear of his passing.


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            He was an ace at the Milwaukee Mile.
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