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This is about my friend jim gale who passed in november.

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  • This is about my friend jim gale who passed in november.

    I mentioned this on another part of the board on november 7th 2020 a long time indy 500 fan and a close friend to me passed from covid. Jim Gale he was at 49 indy 500s his first with his dad in 1972.

    I miss jim's stories and his conversations he loved the 500 i think his favorite was michael andretti.

    I think there was a story or something out there about how bad jim wanted to make his 50th. He did miss 1996 cause he went to the us 500.

    My favorite story's from jim were of him and his dad having breakfast at the speedway in 1978 with mario andretti mrs.hulman pat patrick and a couple of others.

    It's odd not getting e-mails or talking to him especially during may he used to go everyday until 1996 after that he just went to pole day and raceday. Although in 96 he was at the track the day after brayton's accident cause he made a copy of a pic he took by the menard team's garage the next day.

    I know this is the nostalgia board about racing and maybe the wrong place to post this.

    Jim's wife mentioned raceday for him was like christmas. I knew jim for nearly 20 years

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    Thanks for sharing. I think many of us have had similar experiences. My dad and his cousin started our Indy tradition back in 1966 (our family has not missed one since). His cousin passed away suddenly in 2008. He was a passionate racing fan and we still miss him dearly. Something about our shared experience changed when he passed away. There have been others along the way. We just lost a dear friend this past winter. He had attended close to 20 races with us until last year. Attending the 500 is about many things, but one thing that has always been very important to me is the people I've experienced it with. It's a family reunion of sorts. A chance to get together and talk racing and swap stories of races past.
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