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Obscure 500 entrant, Eddie Miller, update

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  • Obscure 500 entrant, Eddie Miller, update

    Saw this on FB on a group for a long closed Denver racetrack:

    I retired and moved from North Denver to San Carlos, Mexico...I recently met a guy named Fast Eddie Miller. He lives on a sailboat in the San Carlos Bay. He told me he raced at Lakeside, but his claim to fame is a crazy crash at the Indy 500 in 1976. Anyone remember Fast Eddie Miller? Here's the crash
    This would have been before my time, but growing up in the Colorado racing world in the 80's and 90's I had never heard of Eddie Miller, and though I've seen the crash video before, I had no idea he was from Colorado.
    "He went into a tire barrier, which is certainly the nicest of all the barriers." -Bobby Unser, Denver '90

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    I remember the name from this video, at 1:55 Eddie Miller is mentioned along with the caption of "I'll be back next year"


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      It’s too bad that Mike Thomsen is no longer a member, he talked to Eddie Miller on the phone for about 30 minutes last year, It’s really a cool story about what happened to bring the two of them together to talk. And he talked to Eddie Miller about his career and why it ended. It’s a worthwhile story.

      He was going to tell the story on TOGA one night last year but the show was running over and never got to it.


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        If his crash would have happened on race day he probably would have pegged a few photographers on his trip towards the tree.
        "Charging a man with murder here was like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500."- Capt. Willard, Apocolypse Now
        "Ain't nuthin' like [being with a woman], 'cept maybe the Indy 500."- Bunny, Platoon
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          The crazy thing is that in Champ Car Stats --- Miller entered only 1 race in his career --- the 1976 Indy 500. His history as a driver says "1976 Indy 500 -- DNQ crashed in practice"
          That's it! "Thanks for coming Eddie."


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