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1980 Hut Hundred

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  • 1980 Hut Hundred

    Saturday I watched the 1980 Hut Hundred as a prelude to my May 24 viewing of the 2017 Indianapolis 500. The Hut Hundred was so much fun to watch. It really brought back some old memories. So hard to believe this year will be 40 years since that race. Oh BTW, I watched both on UTube. My man Rich won the race and there so many great drivers in the race. Robin Miller even started toward the front. Brought back a lot of memories of a World Gone Away!!
    Is it May yet?
    Take me back to a world gone away-James Pankow

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    The Hoosier 100/Hut 100 racing weekend in Sept was one of the "event' weekends here in the Midwest and a great time. A shame the Hut 100 has gone away, midgets on a half mile put on a heckuva show.
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