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Looking for the Lola 2007 ChampCar concept drawing

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  • Looking for the Lola 2007 ChampCar concept drawing

    I recall at one point seeing a concept drawing Lola did for the 2007 Champ Car that ultimately went to Panoz. It used to be online somewhere but my Google-Fu is failing me. Does anyone happen to have it or know where it is?

    Also curious to know the reasons Panoz was chosen over Lola. I wasn't following either series at that time so I'm not aware of the full context of that decision. Thanks.

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    This it? 2007ProposedLola01.jpg2007ProposedLola_02.jpg

    These images appear on page 12 of the Dec 2005 issue of Racecar Engineering, in a sidebar to an article about the selection of the Panoz, entitled "Lola's proposal."
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      Thank you! I had not seen the rear view before. It looks almost identical to the Panoz, which I'm surprised by. Almost like they dictated the styling and then the proposals were built around that.


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        Glad to be of service.

        Here's a link to a .pdf version of the magazine issue I mentioned in my previous post. Scroll down to page 12 and you'll see the report of Champ Car announcing their selection of Panoz, along with early renderings of the DP01. In the drawings, the greatest obvious differences were the rear wing supports, radiator air intake shape, and engine exhaust exits.


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          And I had not seen those renders before, either! Almost looks like CC chose Panoz and then showed them the Lola concept and said, "Well, yes, but also - do this."


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