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Brian Boettcher's Indy 500 books

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  • Brian Boettcher's Indy 500 books

    Are these any good? I got a new Kindle and it came with a gift card, so I was thinking about checking them out since they're low-priced. I'm wary of Amazon reviews, so I thought the Nostalgia forum would be the best place to check.

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    I've only previewed them on Google. From what I've seen they are OK, but I have seen some facts presented that I question. It seems like he has done a lot of research but I'm not sure than any new facts have been uncovered.
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      I went ahead and bought them all, and started the first book that covers 1946-1953. In the beginning he spends a lot of time covering the early history of the track, up to Hulman buying and restoring it after the war. That's all stuff I mostly already knew, but there's a good deal of info about non-Indy racing, other sanctioning bodies and so-on. Hopefully it's accurate because I'm enjoying it so far.

      Apparently the 1967-69 chapter (titled "Whooshmobiles")was either unavailable or never written, because I can't find it anywhere.


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