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Tony Hulman's mother wanted him tear down track and start all over

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  • Tony Hulman's mother wanted him tear down track and start all over

    Never heard about this before.
    Sure glad he didn't listen to mom.
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    Yes...but mom knows best. Glad he didn't listen.


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      I hear she wanted a 1.5 mile quad-oval.
      Live like Dave


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        Originally posted by KevMcNJ View Post
        I hear she wanted a 1.5 mile quad-oval.
        Send her to NJ. They might have one left .


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          They're gonna need three more lefts.
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            For a brief time, there was a consideration of making the east straightaway the front straightaway, given the opportunity to build larger grandstands on what had been (and remains) the backstretch. That would have been starting over, but it was rejected by Hulman, in part for historical reasons. I don't know if a plan with potential grandstand sizes was ever put on paper. (Darlington and Atlanta did just this in their histories.)


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              OT--You know, I was thinking about how they have had it wrong all these years. Drivers, start your engines.
              The driver does not start his engine, it is a mechanic in back of the car that starts the engine.


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                That was exactly why Tony Hulman at first thought he didn't have to change the command when Janet Guthrie made the field, but she then said Kay Bignotti would be the one starting her engine which would finally force the issue of a new command.


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