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    Nice, thanks for the info.


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      You're welcome! Checking further, the links are still good only through Page 6.


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        I was involved in other CART broadcasts prior to the CART Radio Network (1992-2002)....

        Page Productions set up local originations of the Michigan 500 and the Fall Michigan race (both 1986) and Cleveland (1987 thru 1991)....

        WCXI in Detroit (produced by Chris McClure) did the Detroit Grand Prix starting with F-1 and continued with CART from 1989 through 1991, after which CART Radio took over those broadcasts....


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          Thanks, that clears up what confused me most about how much was on radio between mid-86 and 92. Considering how the 86 Michigan 500 aired on delayed tape two weeks later in a butchered 70 minute format (showing how much NBC felt they'd been burned in the past trying to do it live), a full radio broadcast would reveal a lot more about that crash-filled race that ended with Rutherford's final victory.


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            Originally posted by lotuspoweredbyford View Post

            Just double checked them, they're actually from 1948.

            Bonelli, Murphy's Thunderbowl, 5H, and Gilmore are what I have URA races from.

            I have SCMRA races from 5H, Roscoe and El Monte from 1948.
            Wow, that is great. A couple of classic tracks and a few obscure tracks there. 5H was in Roscoe, and it wasn't around long. Lakeland in El Monte wasn't around that long either.

            And Murphy's Thunderbowl, which kept Octol on the map. Octol is no longer on the map. See what happens when a roadside stand selling dried fruit, olive relish, drinks and trinkets closes?

            There is a good history of radio coverage of races in California.
            "Versions of a story that are more tidy, compact, and camera-ready should generally be viewed as historically suspect." - Jackson Landers


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