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1980 Mercury Zephyr Villager Station Wagon

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  • 1980 Mercury Zephyr Villager Station Wagon

    Again, a great car, because it has bench seats.


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    Not bad, but I would have left the wheel covers on the Granada.
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      <<Ford Motor Co. made headlines when it announced that by 2022, other than the Mustang, its domestic offerings will consist solely of trucks, crossovers and SUVs. These vehicles, with their minimal window area and often funereal interior colors, incite claustrophobia for some. Their reduced visibility makes changing lanes and parking a dicey proposition. Backup cameras and other electronic driving aids have become a necessity, not a luxury. The driver is not connected with the world outside their windscreen; instead, they are often isolated in their high-tech transportation pod, playing a video game called “Commuting.”>>

      Ain't THIS 100% accurate! I would include black windows so you can't see what the driver is doing in these barges.
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        My parents had one of these. The transmission held up surprisingly well to neutral-drops done by a rank amateur. Precious memories...
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