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    Originally posted by Pelican Joe View Post

    The second half of the 90's wasn't real kind to Penske, either.
    I didn't point it out within my comment you react upon but of course your're right. And Al was part of Team Penske in that period as well so one could say they were in it together.

    But `the Captain` at least has the satisfaction that before this lean period he had a great period if time and therafter he got another such period of time again. While Al Jnr...

    Ever so often there are drans comparisons between Michael A. and Al Jr. and it appears that based on results Al Jnr. got more out of the years as active drivers and has to be rated as the better one of the two. (An observation based on first sights, results stats leading) . But once their careers were over and done, and looking where they are now, it looks to me as if Michael eventually got out a bit better in the long term and made his active career working for him to his long term benefit..


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      Bill Alsup bought a seat in the Penske car did he not?

      It was a long time ago of course but I think he was just out there most of the time.
      Live like Dave


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        AB Dick was Penske's deal. Roger hired Alsup.

        Some old salts in this board say Alsup wasn't bad. He already was 40 when he got to Indy cars. He got replaced at Penske, but Kevin Cogan was the real thing too.
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          Well there ya go.

          40 year old memories.
          Live like Dave


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