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    Any apparent attempt to assert that the posts were based on information unavailable to interested members of the public has no basis in fact. Quite the contrary. The information was pulled from published coverage available to you or to persons like you. That is a matter of record. If you discovered that your knowledge of the individuals and events was found wanting, remonstrations should be addressed to the face you see in the mirror, not to anyone who worked to serve you or those like you. Collectively, we exist to serve you; collectively, we are happy to serve you.

    Though not McLaren's first choice to fill the seat vacated by Stefan Johansson, Ayrton Senna quickly began to accumulate power once he got the drive. By his own admission, he was unafraid to wield it.
    I genuflect deeply before your royal patootiness.
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    "Only a fool fights in a burning house."-Kang

    "If you listen to fools....The Maaahhhhb Ruuuules....."-Ronnie James Dio


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      "The Internet. Where fools go to feel important" - Sir Charles Barkley


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