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  • antique car manuals for sale

    Dad recently died and left a collection of old car manuals (anyone own a terraplane). Some are old, real old. If you're interested in buying them contact me via my profile page. I'll catalog them. I want to sell them in bulk, so I WILL make a deal. If there is any interest I will post a complete list. Also, lots of IH manuals.
    Mods: I put this here because I figured guys who like old cars may be interested. If it belongs in the selling forum, so be it.
    PS I have no idea how this private message stuff works, so contact me here if you have too.
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    Call Danielle at Antique Archeology. She’ll send American Pickers Mike and Frank over.
    There are passionate IH collectors out there.
    Good luck finding these a new home.


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      Lots of interest on Facebook in stuff like this. I follow 2 or 3 IH tractor pages.


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        jm70: My brother is the IH expert,and he is on facebook too, I am not. I think his moniker is ihman.


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