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  • Indy 500 calls you remember

    What are some of the great calls you remember TV or radio announcers saying during the Indy 500? It an be a recurring phrase or a famous one-time call

    I'll give some examples:
    "The green flag is out, they're RACING at INDIANAPOLIS!" - Jim McKay, almost every year
    "Sam we've got a trophy dash to the finish line!" - McKay describing the closing laps of the 1982 Indy 500

    What are some that you remember and enjoy?

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    Bob Lamey bursting a spleen at the end of the 1992 race.

    Lamey: "Al Unser Jr. has the lead! One more turn to go! Here they come! Coming to the finish line! Bob Jenkins, who's gonna win it?"

    The whole team called it perfectly though:

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      That Lamey call was a tip of the cap to Bob Jenkins. Jenkins was in turn four in 1982 and he threw it to Paul Page with "The Voice of the 500, Paul Page, WHO'S GONNA WIN IT???!!!"


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        Jim Lampley: Most sports events begin. The Indianapolis 500 explodes.


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          "Stay tuned for the greatest spectacle in racing."


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            Tom Carnegie on the IMS PA at the end of The Race in 1967:

            “Where is AJ Foyt?! Can he get through?! Can he get through?! Can he get through?! There he is! There he is!”


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              "It's not a golden car but canary yellow that will lead the first lap." Sid calling lap one of the golden anniversary 500 in 1961


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                On the PA, Tom Carnegie calling it a "New Track Record." As the dog crossed the finish line.



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                  Originally posted by The JP View Post
                  "Stay tuned for the greatest spectacle in racing."
                  Yes. And thus my handle.


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                    Sam Posey outdid himself at the end of 1982.

                    Lap 198: "When you're this close, you can reach out and you can ffffeel that guy ahead of you."

                    Lap 199: "I don't have to tell you what's going to happen if he catches him, I mean this is EXTREMELY dangerous business."

                    Lap 200, turn 4: "Here it comes again! Here he comes again!"

                    Jim McKay had his moments too.

                    1985: "The old American hero will lose the race. The new American hero is Daniel John Sullivan the third of Louisville KY, who has WON the Indianapolis 500!"
                    You have the IndyCar you deserve.


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                      Tom Carnegie used to tell the story of his very first PA call, done on the dirt track at the Fairgrounds. He was in the backstretch and they gave him a hot mike with no instructions, so he ad-libbed: "Here they come! And there they go!"
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                        "The Indianapolis 500 is now the Indianapolis 5." - Jim Lampley calling the restart in 1986 with two to go just before Rahal passed Cogan

                        Lampley was underrated in calling the race, especially for a stick-and-ball/reporter/anchor.


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