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1979 Victory Lane (Dena Mears/Chris Economaki)

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  • 1979 Victory Lane (Dena Mears/Chris Economaki)

    "Paff has been closer to the mark than anyone will give him credit for."

    Richard Kimble 11/18/2010

    "Paff is far more right than any of you will EVER give him credit for.

    As non politically correct and un IndyCar friendly as it is, it's the truth. "

    SeeuInMay 12/29/2010

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    Look like a "Joe Biden moment".


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      I never liked Economaki's interviewing style on TV. He always seemed to rush the person he was interviewing. He wanted about six-word answers. Sometimes he even cut the interviewee off mid-sentence, and kicked it back upstairs.


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        Funny. But what's impressive is there are 18, count 'em, 18 Indianapolis 500 wins among the drivers of the first two rows. Add Lone Star J.R. from the third row and it's 21.