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  • Testing pictures

    I'm trying to figure out the new forum to see if I can post a picture. If I'm successful I'm sure many of you will know who this is and what year.

    How do I make this display a larger image?
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    I think what you generally want to do is, use the "image" button (icon with two mountain peaks), click the Upload tab, browse your device and select a file, choose "send it to the server" (which fills in the "URL" box), then choose "none" for the Link Type:

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      Thanks. I'll give that a try. 1963 Marshman 2.jpg I see that I click full size and it works, I hope!


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        1963 Marshman 1.jpg


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          Pretty obvious who it is. What year and why is he still in the car?

          PS I got his autograph on the program in Gasoline Alley later that day. He was pretty dejected when I took this picture.


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            1963, the rear end/differential went out. He was stuck on the back stretch until the tow in.
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              Must have been after the race ended. I imagine, even for those days, it would have been unusual for all those people and the photographer to be out there on a hot race track.

              Cool shots!
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                He dropped out while running in the top ten with just a few laps to go, so he just stayed in the car. This picture was taken right after the race ended. Back in those days you could hop the fence and go out on the track as soon as the cars stopped running. I was 15 and this was my third 500. (I was the photographer)

                It was pretty warm that day so I guess he was pretty tired. I saw him in the garage later and got his autograph. I told him he would win the 500 some day and that got a good smile from him. I think he would have too if not for the testing accident at Phoenix at the end of the 64 season.

                Interesting fact about Marshmam, he drove three different front engined cars in the 500 and all them were lay down Offys.


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