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Little House on 16th

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  • Little House on 16th

    I just saw that little white house that sits outside of turn 2 at IMS. It is in the parking lot of the Motel.

    I was wondering if anyone has any history or good stories about that house they could share.

    I am ashamed to say that I never really noticed it before and I have been by it probably 200 times. Usually when I am in front of it, my eyes are fixated that beautiful 2.5 mile slice of heaven that is sitting right behind it.

    Thanks in advance for the info.

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    What - Mari's house?


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      I thought the President of IMS used to live there back in the twenties or thirties. I thought I read a Donald Davidson piece in the Star about it and how he would commute to the IMS office in downtown Indy.
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        I thought that Clarence Cagle, the superintendent of the grounds lived many days there too.

        I think the house was also moved into the position. I don't think that is it's original location.


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          The "mouse house" used to be Cagle's residence..

          Mari has since had it renovated and uses it to entertain and as a part time residence.

          It's been in it's current location as long as I can remember. Rumors have it being torn down when/if the current motel is replaced/renovated.

          Yes I do have some funny/interesting tales but none that can be related here.
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            That house has always been there. Clarence just planted a bunch of shrubs and trees around it to buffer it from the motel and 16th street.

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              I'd hate to see that house go. It is part of the lore. I hope they'll consider moving it over by the golf course somewhere for posterity.

              Has anyone heard what the new hotel will look like?
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