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Scope of inquiry here?

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  • Scope of inquiry here?

    I don't want to bring the wrath of the mods down on me, so I'll ask first--what is the scope of the inquiry on this 'Nostalgia' forum? Indycars only? Or can I ask some questions about Formula 5000? The thing is, I don't know where else to ask them.

    Plus, the amount of knowledge amassed here totally amazes me--if it was fast and had wheels, there's bound to be someone here who attended or followed it.

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    Brent, the "Nostalgia" does not just pertain to Indy cars only. We are all mostly open minded and know something about all forms of motorsports.


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      Littleman said it best, Brent_. have at it.....


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        well first of all..... this is a Nostalgia forum.... to me nostalgia is when drivers drove anything, and sponsors & contracts let them.
        F5000 kicked butt at OMS & Riverside as a kid. Many Indy drivers raced F5000.

        Any kind of racing nostalgia goes here. Heck... I even used to be a fan of NASCAR.... before they blamed Bill Simpson.

        anything goes!
        Please visit the tributes to my favorites:

        Swede Savage / Art Pollard / Mel Kenyon /
        Joe Leonard / Peter Revson

        Indy Kids


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