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Need Help-Racing Movies

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  • Need Help-Racing Movies

    I know this topic has been discussed before, but I'm trying to come up with a list of every racing movie ever made. Though we all know the obvious ones (The Big Wheel, Winning, Days of Thunder, ect.) go ahead and include everything that you can think of. Thanks.

    P.S.- I put this on this forum, because I wasn't sure exactly which forum it should go on, and this is one of my favorite forums. Too many cool stories and tidbits of information.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Hardscrabble.

    Though it's not 'racing movie', per se, I'll start with a sort of obscure one: "State Fair"(the remake w/Pat Boone). Sportscars on a dirt oval.


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      Grand Prix
      To Please A Lady
      If I were Ed Carpenter and you were a lady...


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        Bobby Deerfield
        If I were Ed Carpenter and you were a lady...


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            Jump - Got the book, never seen the movie

            Last American Hero - Jeff Bridges as Junior Johnson

            Thunder Road - Robert Mitchum as a stock racing moonshiner

            Fireball 500 - Frankie Avalon as... I'm not really sure

            Spinout - Elvis goes sports car racing

            Speedway - Elvis goes stock car racing

            Winning - Paul Newman at Indy

            Redline 7000 - Bad 60's stock car flick

            The Racers - Kirk Douglas as an international road racer
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              Bobby Deerfield with Al Pacino - mid 70's. Never saw it, but looks like lots of F1 footage.
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                Drivel...er, Driven. Ooops, that one's been mentioned.

                How about "The Love Bug"? I think Andy Granatelli's in that one.
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                  "The Crowd Roars" - 1932, Jimmy Cagney stars, directed by Howard Hawks

                  and its remake - "Indianapolis Speedway" - 1939 - a prime example of Warner Brothers recycling.
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                    How about the forgettable "Eat My Dust", motorcycle movies too like "On any Sunday", Little Faus and Big Halsey.


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                      Parnelli Jones starred in a movie about off road racing in Maylasia, it was horrid, can't think of the name.


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                        Here are some list from Amazon.

                        list 1

                        List 2

                        list 3

                        List 4

                        list 5

                        List 6
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                          I loved the description of "Driven" as a turgid clunker!
                          Have a very blessed day!


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                            If you really want some info on this,
                            there is a gentleman on Philly radio who is called
                            "Mr Movie" He apparently knows everything about every movie ever made.

                            Try emailing him @ the station. Dont know the call letters but its is 1210AM in Philly. It may be WPHT.

                            Go on google and you can find him no problem.

                            He is fascinating. Hes on Saturday nights and I always listen to him coming home from the races.

                            If theres any more old racing movies, he will know about them

                            Actually You may be able to hear him in the Mid-West if conditions are right. Hes always saying he can be heard in 38 states.
                            Live like Dave


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                              So Mr. Movie is kind of the Donald Davidson of the Hollywood crowd, eh?

                              Some great (I use that word sarcastically in some regards) titles out there. Thanks for the help and keep them coming!
                              Chicago Blackhawks done didn't do it again!


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