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  • Coming soon to an IMAX near you

    Courtesy of our Indy-Car friend and ex-hoosier, Reno Fontana and the Desert Star.
    The one and only copy of the inaugural 1949 "La Carrera Panamericana" has been unearthed and is on the way to becoming a TV presentation and perhaps an IMAX presentation (that I will go to see, bad back and all)
    Herschel McGriff won by a mile. Bill France was an entrant. Phil Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio and others driving everything from Mercedes to Studebakers joined the party.
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    Hey Carl S.,

    I am with you on this one for sure, I will see that one if they have to carry me in on a stretcher.

    Big Bill and none other than Curtis Turner were team mates in the race driving a Lincoln. They were running third after the fourth stage but tire troubles dropped them back in stage five.

    They were finally disqualified for CHANGING AUTOMOBILES late in the race. But both Big Bill and Curtis earned the respect of all the competitiors for their get-the-****-out-of-my-way driving style.

    Both guys had many stories to tell about the experience that were true jewels to hear.
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      Hope to see it!

      I spent a wonderful day last month with Frank Reynolds at the Mustang Club of America Regional Show. Mr Reynolds retired from Ford motorsports and built Lincoln engines with Bill Stroppe for the PanAmerican races. He definitely had some tall tales to tell!

      Here's a pic of Mr. Reynolds and his 6 figure Shelby. (That's my humble little 6cyl coupe in the background.)

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        Didn't the Mad Russian, Bill Sr. run this event in a Lincoln?
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          A very young Bobby Unser drove in one of the Mexican Road Races as well.


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            ...KO - that is my all-time favorite Shelby.

            Had a friend back right out of high-school who's father had a dark-metallic green hard-top/fastback in immaculate condition....he never got to drive it though....go figure?!

            Your 'humble' little mustang looks pretty darn sharp too.
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              Great news..can't wait to see it!

              Originally posted by DedFlrs
              Didn't the Mad Russian, Bill Sr. run this event in a Lincoln?
              Dug out a copy of the 1954 race to see how many names I could get from it, including "co-"drivers and cars:

              Bill Vukovich; co-Vern Houle -- Lincoln

              Chuck Stevenson; co-Chuck Daigh -- Lincoln

              Walt Faulkner; co-Frank Hainley -- Lincoln

              Johnny Mantz; co-Bill Stroppe -- Lincoln

              Jack McGrath

              Bob Christie -- Kurtis Kraft

              C. D. Evans

              "Flash Gordon"

              Piero Taruffi -- Ford

              Jack McAfee

              Maglioli -- 4.9 Ferrari

              Phil Hill; co-Richie Ginther -- 4.5 Ferrari

              Jacqueline Evans (only female driver)

              Hans Herrmann -- Porsche

              Luigi Chinetti -- Ferrari

              Mickey Thompson; co-Rodger Flores

              Ak Miller w/Hot Rod sponsorship (Wally Parks was present to greet him at finish)

              Took all this from the feature. I'm sure there's official records/results available somewhere, though..........


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